Terms & Conditions – Fidelity Payment


Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions (these “Terms and Conditions”)

1. Definitions and interpretation

1.1 In this Agreement unless the context otherwise, the following terms shall have the following meanings:


the financial institution to which the Merchant’s Transaction instructions are routed for authorisation and settlement, as notified to Fidelity by the Merchant;

“Acquirer Fees”

the Fees payable by the Merchant to Fidelity in respect of the financial institution to which the Merchant’s Transaction instructions are routed for authorisation and settlement, in accordance with the Order Form;

“Acquirer Services”

the services provided by the Acquirer from time to time relating to the authorisation and settlement of Transactions;

“Acquirer Terms”

the terms and conditions to which the Merchant has contractually agreed in respect of the Acquirer and the Acquirer Services from time to time;


these Terms and Conditions together with the relevant Order Form, the Schedules referred to in that Order Form and any document referred to in these Terms and Conditions, the Order Form or the Schedules;

“Breach of Duty”

the breach of any: (i) obligation arising from the express or implied terms of a contract to take reasonable care or exercise reasonable skill in the performance of the contract; or (ii) common law duty to take reasonable care or exercise reasonable skill (but not any stricter duty);

“Business Day”

a day (other than a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in England) when banks in London are open for business;


a current and valid credit, debit or charge card that Fidelity may accept for processing by the Services under the terms of this Agreement;

“Change Control Form”

the template form set out in the Order Form, which template must be used by the Parties if they wish to amend this Agreement;

“Commencement Date”

the date on which this Agreement has been signed by each of the Parties;

“Confidential Information”

any information in any form or medium obtained by or on behalf of either Party from or on behalf of the other Party in relation to this Agreement which is expressly marked as confidential or which a reasonable person would consider to be confidential, whether disclosed or obtained before, on or after the Commencement Date, together with any reproductions of such information or any part of it;


the person that holds a Card and orders products or services from the Merchant in respect of which payment shall be made using the Services;

“Data Controller”

has the meaning set out in GDPR;

“Data Processor”

has the meaning set out in GDPR;

“Data Protection Legislation”

in relation to any Personal Data which is Processed in the performance of this Agreement, the Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU Data Protection Directive 95 / 46 / EC (until 25 May
2018), GDPR (on and from 25 May 2018), the Investigatory Powers Act 2016, Telecommunications (Lawful Business Practice), the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive 2002 / 58 / EC, the Privacy and Electronic Communications (ECDirective) Regulations 2003 (SI 2003 / 2426), in each case together with all laws implementing or supplementing the same and any other applicable or equivalent data protection or privacy laws, and all other applicable law, regulations and codes of conduct relating to the processing of personal data and privacy, including the guidance and codes of practice issued by a relevant Supervisory Authority;

“Data Sharing Annex”

the annex to the Order Form setting out the scope, nature and purpose of Processing for the purposes of GDPR;

“Data Subject”

has the meaning set out in GDPR;

“Event of Force Majeure”

has the meaning given to it in Clause 12.1;


the fees payable by the Merchant to Fidelity for the provision by Fidelity of the Services, as set out in this Agreement (including the Order Form and the Schedules);


the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679);

“Intellectual Property Rights”

copyright and related rights, trade marks and service marks, trade names and domain names, rights under licences, rights in get-­‐up, rights to goodwill or to sue for passing off or unfair competition, patents, rights to inventions, rights in designs, rights in computer software, database rights, rights in confidential information (including know-­‐how and trade secrets) and any other intellectual property rights, in each case whether
registered or unregistered and including all applications (or rights to apply) for, and renewals or extensions of, such rights and all similar or equivalent rights or forms of protection which subsist or will subsist now or in the future in any part of the world;


liability in or for breach of contract, Breach of Duty, torts (including negligence and intentional torts), deliberate breach (including deliberate personal repudiatory breach), misrepresentation, restitution or any other cause of action whatsoever relating to or arising under or in connection with this Agreement, including liability expressly provided for under this Agreement or arising by reason of the invalidity or unenforceability of any term of this Agreement (and, for the purposes of this definition, all references to “this Agreement” shall be deemed to include any collateral contract);


the recipient of services from Fidelity under this Agreement, as set out in the Order Form;


allocated to the Merchant by the Acquirer in order for the Merchant to receive the Acquirer Services and process Transactions using the Services;

“Normal Business Hours”

09.00 to 17.30 Monday to Thursday, 09.00 to 15.30 Friday, on Business Days;

“Order Form”

the written document Fidelity provides to the Merchant containing specific information relating to the particular services supplied or to be arranged to be supplied by Fidelity to the Merchant;


Fidelity and the Merchant, and “Party” shall mean either of them;

“Personal Data”

has the meaning given to it by GDPR, and relates only to personal data, or any part of such personal data, of which the Merchant is the Data Controller and in relation to which Fidelity is the Data Processor and providing services under this Agreement;

“Personal Data Breach”

has the meaning given to it by GDPR;

“Process” and “Processing”

has the meaning given to it by GDPR;


Fidelity’s time and materials rates for providing services from time to time in force;


a schedule containing a further description of the services provided by Fidelity to the Merchant, including further rights and obligations for the Parties in relation to such services;


the services that Fidelity provides to the Merchant under this Agreement, as set out in the Order Form and the relevant Schedule(s);

“Special Categories of Personal Data”

those categories of data listed in Article 9(1) GDPR;

“Supervisory Authority”

(a) an independent public authority which is established by a
Member State pursuant to Article 51 GDPR;
(b) any similar regulatory authority responsible for the enforcement of Data Protection Legislation;


has the meaning given to it in Clause 10.1; and


a Card transaction:
a) processed with the intention of a Customer incurring a liability resulting in monies being paid from the Card issuer to the relevant financial institution and credited to the Merchant’s bank account; or
b) which has been processed with the intention of monies being remitted to the Customer’s Card account;

1.3 references to “Clauses” are to clauses of this Agreement; references to “Paragraphs” are to paragraphs of a Schedule;
1.4 the headings are inserted for convenience only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of this Agreement;
1.5 a “person” includes a natural person, corporate or unincorporated body (whether or not having separate legal personality);
1.6 a reference to a Party includes its personal representatives, successors or permitted assigns;
1.7 words imparting the singular shall include the plural and vice versa. Words imparting a gender shall include the other gender and the neutral;
1.8 a reference to a statute or statutory provision is a reference to such statute or statutory provision as amended or re-­enacted. A reference to a statute or statutory provision includes any subordinate legislation made under that statute or statutory provision, as amended or re-­‐enacted;
1.9 any phrase introduced by the terms “including”, “include”, “in particular” or any similar expression, shall be construed as illustrative, shall not limit the sense of the words preceding or following those terms, and shall be deemed to be followed by the words “without limitation” unless the context requires otherwise; and
1.10 a reference to “writing” or “written” includes in electronic form and similar means of communication.

2.1   The  terms  of  this  Agreement  apply  to  the  exclusion  of  any  terms  and  conditions  submitted,  proposed  or  stipulated  by  the   Merchant  in  whatever  form  and  at  whatever  time.  These  Terms  and  Conditions  apply  to  all  Services.

2.2   Save   as   expressly   provided   in   this   Agreement,   this   Agreement   shall   operate   to   the   entire   exclusion   of   any   other   agreement,  understanding  or  arrangement  of  any  kind  between  the  Parties  preceding  the  date  of  this  Agreement  and  in   any  way  relating  to  the  subject  matter  of  this  Agreement  and  to  the  exclusion  of  any  representations  not  expressly  stated   in  this  Agreement  except  for  any  fraudulent  misrepresentations  or  any  misrepresentation  as  to  a  fundamental  matter.   Each  of  the  Parties  acknowledges  that   it  has  not  entered  into  this  Agreement  based  on  any  representation  that   is  not   expressly  incorporated  into  this  Agreement.

2.3   This   Agreement   constitutes   the  whole   agreement   and   understanding   of   the   Parties   as   to   the   subject  matter   of   this   Agreement  and  there  are  no  provisions,  terms,  conditions  or  obligations,  whether  oral  or  written,  express  or   implied,   other  than  those  contained  or  referred  to  in  this  Agreement.

2.4   The  Order  Form  shall  be  in  the  form  that  Fidelity  requires  from  time  to  time.  This  Agreement  shall  be  legally  formed  and   the  Parties   shall  be   legally  bound  when  Fidelity  has   received  and  signed   the  Order  Form  that  has  been  signed  by  an   authorised  signatory  of  the  Merchant  and  submitted  by  the  Merchant  to  Fidelity.  Submission  to  Fidelity  by  the  Merchant   of  the  Order  Form  as  signed  by  the  Merchant  shall  be  deemed  to  be  an  offer  by  the  Merchant  to  purchase  Services  (as   specified  in  the  Order  Form)  from  Fidelity,  subject  to  the  provisions  of  this  Agreement,  and  Fidelity’s  counter-­‐signature   on  the  Order  Form  shall  be  considered  acceptance  of  such  offer,  but  the  requirements  for  Fidelity  to  perform  any  of  its   obligations  under  this  Agreement  shall  be  conditional  upon  Fidelity’s  receipt  from  the  Merchant  of  any  advance  payment   of  Fees  as  required  under  this  Agreement.

2.5   If  the  Merchant  provide  to  Fidelity  a  purchase  order  for  the  Merchant’s  receipt  of  Services  other  than  as  set  out  in  Clause   2.4,  that  purchase  order  (and  any  terms  and  conditions  attached  or  referred  to  in  it)  shall  be  purely  for  the  Merchant’s   administrative  purposes  and  shall  not  form  part  of  this  Agreement.

2.6   In  the  event  of  a  conflict  between  these  Terms  and  Conditions,  Schedules  and  the  Order  Form,  then:

2.6.1   the  Order  Form  shall  prevail  over

2.6.2   these  Terms  and  Conditions,  which  shall  prevail  over

2.6.3   a  Schedule.

  1.   Services  

3.1   Fidelity  will  provide  the  Services  to  the  Merchant  as  set  out  in  the  Order  Form.

3.2   Fidelity   warrants   that   it   shall   provide   the   Services   with   reasonable   skill,   care   and   diligence   using   appropriately   experienced  and  qualified  personnel.

3.3   Fidelity  shall  ensure  that  it:

3.3.1    has   all   necessary   consents,   rights   and   permission   to   enter   into,   and   perform   its   obligations   under,   this

Agreement;  and

3.3.2   shall  comply  with  all  applicable  laws,  statutes,  regulations  and  bye-­‐laws  in  relation  to  the  exercise  of  its  rights

and  performance  of  its  obligations  under  this  Agreement.

3.4   Fidelity  is  not  responsible  for  any  people,  equipment,  deliverables  or  services  that  it  is  not  expressly  stipulated  to  provide   in   this  Agreement.  The  Merchant   is   responsible  for  any  people,  equipment,  deliverables  and  services   that   it  needs   to   obtain  from  someone  other  than  Fidelity.  Except  for  any  matter  in  relation  to  which  Fidelity  specifically  agrees  in  writing   to  advise  or  do,  it  shall  not  be  responsible,  or  have  any  Liability  (subject  to  Clause  9.2)  for  advising  on,  or  failing  to  advise   on,  or  doing,  or  failing  to  do,  anything  else.

3.5   Subject  to  Clause  9.2,  Fidelity  shall  not  have  any  Liability  for  any  delays  or  failures  to  accurately  perform  its  obligations   under  this  Agreement  if  caused  by  any  failure  or  delay  on  the  Merchant’s  part  or  on  the  part  of  the  Merchant’s  employees,   agents  or  subcontractors  or  by  any  breach  by  the  Merchant  of  this  Agreement  or  any  other  agreement.  If  there  is  any   slippage  in  time,  Fidelity  shall  use  its  reasonable  endeavours  to  reschedule  delayed  tasks  to  a  mutually  convenient  time.

3.6   If  Fidelity  is  delayed  or  hindered  in  providing  any  Services  as  a  result  of  any  breach,  delay  or  failure  by  the  Merchant  to   perform  any  of  its  obligations  under  this  Agreement  or  of  any  other  agreement  between  the  Parties,  then  Fidelity  may   charge  the  Merchant  at  the  Rates  for  any  time  reasonably  incurred  as  a  result  of  the  hindrance  or  breach.

3.7   The  Merchant  acknowledges  that  Fidelity’s  ability  to  provide  the  Services  may  be  subject  to  the  approval  and  acceptance

of  third  parties  with  whom  the  Merchant  may  have  an  independent  contractual  relationship,  including  the  Acquirer,  that   provide  merchant-­‐acquiring  services  to  the  Merchant.  Any  such  third-­‐party  services  are  the  responsibility  and  liability  of   the  relevant  third  party  and  the  Merchant  acknowledges  that  the  acts  or  omissions  of  any  such  third  party  may  impact   on  Fidelity’s  ability  to  perform  the  Services.    Fidelity  shall  not  have  any  Liability  (subject  to  Clause  9.2)  for  any  delay  in  or   non-­‐performance  of  the  Services  which  is  caused  by  any  such  third  party.

3.8   Fidelity  reserves  the  right  to  change  the  Services  at  any  time,  including  making  changes  to  the  Services  to  comply  with   applicable   laws  and/or  regulations,  or  changes  which  do  not  materially  affect   the  functionality  of  the  Services.  In   the   event  that  such  changes  impact  the  way  in  which  the  Merchant  uses  the  Services,  Fidelity  will  inform  the  Merchant  in   advance  of  the  change.

3.9   Fidelity  shall  not  provide  any  training  of  personnel  utilised  by  the  Merchant  as  part  of  the  Services.

3.10   Fidelity:

3.10.1   does  not  warrant  that  the  Merchant’s  use  of  the  Services  will  be  uninterrupted  or  error-­‐free;  and

3.10.2   is  not  responsible  for  any  delays,  delivery  failures,  or  any  other  loss  or  damage  resulting  from  the  transfer  of

data  over  communications  networks  and  facilities,  including  the  Internet,  and  the  Merchant  acknowledges  that

the  Services   may   be   subject   to   limitations,   delays   and   other   problems   inherent   in   the   use   of   such

communications  facilities.

Whilst  Fidelity  use  Fidelity’s  reasonable  endeavours  to  make  the  Services  available,  Fidelity  shall  not  have  any  Liability   (subject  to  Clause  9.2)  if  for  any  reason  the  Services  are  unavailable  for  any  time  or  for  any  period.

3.11   Fidelity  does  not  guarantee   that   the  Services  will  be  free  from  faults.  Subject   to  any  other  support  made  available   in   respect  of  a  specific  Service  as  set  out  in  the  Order  Form  or  any  Schedule,  Fidelity  shall  use  its  reasonable  endeavours  to:

3.11.1   provide  technical  support  via  a  “Help  Desk”  telephone  service  available  during  Normal  Business  Hours;  and

3.11.2   correct   any   errors   or   omissions   in   the   Services   as   soon   as   practicable   during   Normal   Business   Hours   after

receiving  full  and  clear  information  on  them  from  the  Merchant  via  the  Help  Desk  telephone  service;

(“Support  Services”).  Fidelity  shall  respond  to  a  request  for  Support  Services  within  a  reasonable  time,  but  Fidelity  cannot   guarantee  any  particular  result  or  outcome  nor  within  any  particular  time.  In  particular,  without  limitation,  Fidelity  may   need  to  obtain  support  in  turn  from  a  third  party  that  assists  Fidelity  with  the  provision  of  the  Support  Services.

3.12   Third-­‐party  providers  of  a  particular  Service  may  from  time  to  time  offer  independent  support  services  to  the  Merchant   in  respect  of  that  Service,  for  which  the  Merchant  acknowledges  that  Fidelity  has  no  Liability  (subject  to  Clause  9.2);  in   such  circumstances,  the  contact  details  for  the  Merchant  to  obtain  such  support  shall  be  as  set  out  in  the  Order  Form,  as   notified  to  the  Merchant  by  Fidelity  from  time  to  time,  or  as  otherwise  made  available  to  the  Merchant  by  the  relevant   third  party.

3.13   The  Support  Services  exclude  the  resolution  of  faults  or  defects  that  arise  as  a  result  of  the  Merchant’s  failure  to  comply   with  this  Agreement  or  any  other  agreement  between  the  Parties,  or  due  to  the  act  or  omission  of  any  third  party.  Fidelity   may  provide  those  excluded  services  as  part  of  the  Support  Services  at  its  absolute  discretion  and  at  the  Rates;  subject   to  Clause  9.2,  Fidelity  shall  not  have  any  Liability  for  its  provision  of  any  of  those  excluded  services  to  the  Merchant.

3.14   Except  as  specifically  stipulated  in  this  Agreement,  Fidelity:

3.14.1   shall  not  be  responsible  for  providing  or  achieving  any  particular  results  or  outcomes  or  within  a  particular  time;


3.14.2   excludes  all  conditions,  warranties,  terms  and  obligations,  whether  express  or  implied  by  statute,  common  law

or  otherwise,  to  the  fullest  extent  permitted  by  law  in  respect  of  this  Agreement  and  the  Services.

  1.   The  Merchant’s  obligations  

4.1   The  Merchant  shall: 

4.1.1   ensure  that  any  instructions  it  provides  to  Fidelity  for  or  in  respect  of  the  Services  are  complete,  accurate  and


4.1.2   ensure  that  Transaction  information  shared  by  the  Merchant  with  Fidelity  in  respect  of  the  Services  is  complete,

accurate  and  up-­‐to-­‐date;

4.1.3   comply  with  the  Acquirer  Terms;

4.1.4   during  the  term  of  this  Agreement  and  for  such  period  as  may  be  required  following  termination  or  expiry  of  this

Agreement  as  may  be  reasonably  necessary,  open  and  maintain  in  its  name  a  MID;

4.1.5   obtain  the  prior  written  authorisation  of  Fidelity  prior  to  moving  the  relevant  Acquirer  Services  away  from  an

Acquirer  to  another  Acquirer;

4.1.6   provide  Fidelity  with  accurate  and  up  to  date  information  in  respect  of  the  Merchant’s  MID  and  the  Merchant’s

access   to  and  use  of   the  Acquirer  Services,  on  which   information  Fidelity   shall  be  entitled   to   rely   in  order   to

provide  the  Services;

4.1.7   promptly  provide   to  Fidelity   such  data,   information  and  assistance   that  will  enable  Fidelity   to  carry  out   fully,

accurately  and  promptly  its  obligations  under  this  Agreement;

4.1.8   have  all  rights,  permissions  and  consents  to  enter  into,  and  perform  its  obligations  under,  this  Agreement,  and

to  make  use  of  the  Services;  and

4.1.9   comply  with  all  applicable   laws,  statutes,  regulations  and  bye-­‐laws  in  relation  to  the  exercise  of  its  rights  and

performance  of  its  obligations  under  this  Agreement.

4.2   The  Merchant  acknowledges  that  it  requires  a  MID  to  access  the  Services,  and  that  the  Acquirer  may  at  any  time:

4.2.1   reject  MID  applications  at  its  discretion;  and/or

4.2.2   terminate   the  Merchant’s  merchant   services   agreement  with   the   Acquirer   in   accordance  with   the   Acquirer


In   the   event   that   Clause   4.2.1   or   Clause   4.2.2   applies   to   the  Merchant,   Fidelity  may   terminate   this   Agreement  with   immediate  effect  by  giving  notice  to  the  Merchant;  the  Merchant  shall  be  obligated  to  pay  to  Fidelity  the  Fees  that  would   otherwise  have  been  payable  by  the  Merchant  to  Fidelity  in  respect  of  each  Service,  had  this  Agreement  continued  (and   not  terminated  early)  until  the  earliest  date  that  each  Service  could  otherwise  have  been  terminated  by  the  Merchant  in   accordance  with  this  Agreement,  together  with  the  Acquirer  Fees  until  the  latest  such  date.

4.3   It   is  the  Merchant’s  responsibility  to  ensure  that  the  Services  are  sufficient  and  suitable  for  its  purposes  and  meet   its   individual  requirements.  This  responsibility  includes  ensuring  that  the  Services,  and  any  deliverables  or  other  materials   Fidelity  provides  as  part  of   the  Services,  are  compliant  with  any  regulatory  regime   to  which   the  Merchant   is   subject.   Fidelity  shall  not  be  responsible  or,  subject  to  Clause  9.2,  have  any  Liability  in  the  event  that  the  Services  are  not  suitable   for  the  Merchant’s  purposes  or  do  not  meet  the  Merchant’s  individual  requirements,  including  if  they  fail  to  comply  with   any  laws  or  regulations  to  which  the  Merchant  is  subject.

4.4   The  Merchant  is  responsible  for  ensuring  that  it  provides  Fidelity  with  the  information  and  assistance  required  to  enable   Fidelity  to  properly  provide  the  Services.  Fidelity  shall  not  be  responsible  or,  subject  to  Clause  9.2,  have  any  Liability  for   any  failure  to  provide  the  Services  to  the  extent  caused  by  the  Merchant’s  failure  to  properly  ensure  the  provision  of  the   relevant  information  and/or  assistance,  including  as  set  out  in  Clause  4.1.

4.5   The  Merchant  is  responsible  for  any  complaints  made  by  Customers  in  respect  of  goods  and  services  made  available  by   the  Merchant,  or  the  Services.  Fidelity  will  direct  any  such  complaints  it  receives  from  Customers  to  the  Merchant.

4.6   The  Merchant  shall  notify  Fidelity  immediately  in  the  event  that  the  Merchant  becomes  aware  of  any:

4.6.1   breach  of  applicable  laws  and/or  regulations  in  respect  of  use  of  the  Services;

4.6.2   matter  which  may  impact  the  ability  of  Fidelity  to  provide  the  Services  in  accordance  with  this  Agreement  and

applicable  laws  and/or  regulations;

4.6.3   errors  in  the  Services  or  the  Merchant’s  use  of  the  Services,  including  in  respect  of  Transactions;  and/or

4.6.4   dispute  between  the  Merchant  and  the  Acquirer.

  1.   Acquirer  Services  

5.1   For  the  avoidance  of  doubt,  Fidelity  accepts  Liability  in  respect  of  the  Services  only.  The  Merchant’s  access  to,  and  the   availability  of,  Acquirer  Services  is  subject  to  the  relevant  Acquirer  Terms.  The  Merchant  warrants  that  it  has  read  and   accepted  the  Acquirer  Terms.  Fidelity  shall  not  have  any  Liability  (subject  to  Clause  9.2)  in  respect  of  any  Acquirer  Terms,   including  any  failure  by  the  Merchant  or  the  Acquirer  to  comply  with  the  relevant  Acquirer  Terms  or  to  honour  the  terms   of  any  Transaction.

5.2   The  Merchant  shall   indemnify  Fidelity  against  all   liabilities,   costs,  expenses,  damages  and  losses   (including  any  direct,   indirect   or   consequential   losses,   loss   of   profit,   loss   of   reputation   and   all   penalties   and   legal   costs   (calculated   on   a   full  indemnity  basis)  and  all  other  professional  costs  and  expenses)  suffered  or  incurred  by  Fidelity  arising  out  of  or  in   connection  with:

5.2.1   any  breach,  negligent  performance  or  non-­‐performance  by  the  Merchant  or  the  Acquirer  of  any  Acquirer  Terms

or  the  Acquirer  Services;

5.2.2   any   claim   made   against   Fidelity   by   any   third   party   arising   out   of   the   Acquirer   Services   in   respect   of   any

Transaction;  and

5.2.3   any  failure  by  the  Merchant  to  obtain,  or  maintain,  a  valid  and  current  MID.

This  indemnity  shall  apply  whether  or  not  Fidelity  have  been  negligent  or  at  fault.

  1.   Intellectual  Property  Rights  

6.1   The  Merchant  acknowledges  that  all  Intellectual  Property  Rights  in  the  Services  belong  and  shall  belong  to  Fidelity  or  the   relevant  third-­‐party  owners  (as  the  case  may  be),  and  the  Merchant  shall  have  no  rights  in  or  to  the  Services  other  than   the  right  to  use  them  in  accordance  with  the  terms  of  this  Agreement.

6.2   Fidelity  acknowledges  that  the  Merchant  shall  own  and  retain  all  rights,  title  and  interest   in  and  to  the  Personal  Data.   Fidelity  shall  not  have  any  rights  to  access,  use  or  modify  the  Personal  Data  without  the  Merchant’s  prior  written  consent,   except  to  the  extent  necessary  for  the  Merchant  to  access  the  Services  or  as  otherwise  required  by  applicable  law.

  1.   Data  Protection  

7.1   The  Parties  acknowledge  that,  for  the  purposes  of  Data  Protection  Legislation,  the  Merchant  is  the  Data  Controller  and   Fidelity   is   the  Data  Processor  of  any  Personal  Data,  and   that  each  Party   is  obligated   to  comply  with   the  Data  Sharing   Annex  in  respect  of  Processing.

7.2   Each  Party  confirms  that  it  holds,  and  during  the  term  of  this  Agreement  will  maintain,  all  registrations  and  notifications   required  in  terms  of  the  Data  Protection  Legislation  which  are  appropriate  to  its  performance  of  the  obligations  under   this  Agreement.

7.3   Each  Party  confirms  that,  in  the  performance  of  this  Agreement,  it  will  comply  with  Data  Protection  Legislation.

7.4   Fidelity  shall:

7.4.1   Process  Personal  Data  only  on  documented  instructions  from  the  Merchant,  unless  required  to  do  so  by  Data

Protection  Legislation  or  any  other  applicable  law  to  which  Fidelity  is  subject;  in  such  a  case,  Fidelity  shall  inform

the  Merchant  of  that   legal  requirement  before  Processing,  unless  that  law  prohibits  Fidelity  to  so  inform  the


7.4.2   ensure  that  persons  authorised  to  Process  the  Personal  Data  have  committed  themselves  to  confidentiality  or

are  under  an  appropriate  statutory  obligation  of  confidentiality;

7.4.3   take  all  measures  required  pursuant  to  Article  32  of  the  GDPR  in  respect  of  security  of  Processing;

7.4.4   not  commission  any  subcontractor  in  respect  of  Processing  Personal  Data  without  the  Merchant’s  prior  written

consent  (such  consent  not  to  be  unreasonably  withheld  or  delayed),  and  ensure  that  any  such  subcontractor

Fidelity  commission  complies  with  the  provisions  of  this  Clause  7  as  if  it  was  a  Party;  for  the  avoidance  of  doubt,

by  entering  into  this  Agreement  the  Merchant  provides  its  consent  to  Fidelity  using  those  subcontractors  listed

in  the  Data  Sharing  Annex;

7.4.5   taking  into  account  the  nature  of  the  Processing,  assist  the  Merchant  by  putting  in  place  appropriate  technical

and  organisational  measures,  insofar  as  this  is  possible,  for  the  fulfilment  of  the  Merchant’s  obligation  to  respond

to  requests  for  exercising  the  Data  Subject’s  rights  laid  down  in  Data  Protection  Legislation,  to  the  extent  that

such  requests  relate  to  this  Agreement  and  Fidelity’s  obligations  under  it;

7.4.6   assist  the  Merchant  in  ensuring  compliance  with  the  Merchant’s  obligations  pursuant  to  Articles  32  to  36  of  the

GDPR  taking  into  account  the  nature  of  Processing  the  Personal  Data  and  the  information  available  to  Fidelity;

7.4.7   at  the  Merchant’s  option,  delete  (to  the  extent  practicable)  or  return  all  the  Personal  Data  to  the  Merchant  after

termination  of  this  Agreement  or  otherwise  on  the  Merchant’s  request,  and  delete  existing  copies  (to  the  extent

practicable)  unless  applicable  law  requires  Fidelity’s  ongoing  storage  of  the  Personal  Data;

7.4.8   not  share  the  Personal  Data  with  any  other  processors  of  personal  data  that  the  Merchant  commissions  without

the  Merchant’s  prior  written  consent;

7.4.9   make  available  to  the  Merchant  all  information  necessary  to  demonstrate  Fidelity’s  compliance  with  this  Clause

7.4,  and  allow  for  and  contribute  to  audits,  including  inspections,  conducted  by  the  Merchant  or  another  auditor

mandated  by  the  Merchant;  and

7.4.10   inform  the  Merchant  immediately  if,  in  Fidelity’s  opinion,  an  instruction  from  the  Merchant  infringes  (or,  if  acted

upon,  might  cause  the  infringement  of)  Data  Protection  Legislation.

7.5   Each  Party  will  notify  the  other  Party  as  soon  as  is  reasonably  practicable  if  it  becomes  aware  of  a  Personal  Data  Breach   relating  to  either  Party’s  obligations  under  this  Agreement.

7.6   The  Merchant   shall  undertake  appropriate  data  protection   impact  assessments   to  ensure   that  Processing  of  Personal   Data  complies  with  Data  Protection  Laws.  Fidelity  will  provide  the  Merchant  with  reasonable  assistance,  where  necessary   and  upon  the  Merchant’s  request,  in  carrying  out  any  data  protection  impact  assessment  and  undertaking  any  necessary   prior  consultation  of  the  Supervisory  Authority.

7.7   It  is  the  Merchant’s  responsibility  to  ensure  that  Personal  Data  is  dealt  with  in  a  way  that  is  compliant  with  Article  5(1)  of   the  GDPR.

7.8   The  Merchant  shall  ensure  that:

7.8.1   the  Merchant   is   able   to   justify   the   Processing  of  Personal  Data   in   accordance  with  Article   6(1)   of   the  GDPR

(including,  where  applicable,  obtaining  any  and  all  consents  of  Data  Subjects  required  in  order  to  commence  the

Processing),  and   that   the  Merchant  has   recorded  or  documented   this   in  accordance  with   the  record  keeping

requirements  of  the  GDPR;

7.8.2   where  Personal  Data  falls  within  the  Special  Categories  of  Personal  Data,  Article  9(2)  of  the  GDPR  applies  to  that

Personal  Data  before  Processing  takes  place;

7.8.3   where  Article   9(2)   of   the  GDPR  does   not   apply   to   any   Personal  Data   falling  within   the   Special   Categories   of

Personal  Data,  no  such  Personal  Data  will  be  sent  to  Fidelity;  and

7.8.4   the  Merchant  has  all  necessary  appropriate  consents  and  notices  in  place  to  enable  the  lawful  transfer  of  the

Personal  Data  to  Fidelity  for  the  Term  for  the  purposes  of  this  Agreement.

7.9   In  the  event  that  Fidelity:

7.9.1   complies  with  the  Merchant’s  instructions  in  respect  of  Processing,  Fidelity  shall  not  have  any  Liability  (subject

to  Clause  9.2)  for  any  damage  caused  by  Processing  that  Personal  Data,  or  for  any  consequences  in  the  event

that   such   Processing   otherwise   infringes   Data   Protection   Legislation,   to   the   extent   that   such   damage   or

consequences  result  from  Fidelity’s  compliance  with  such  instructions;  and/or

7.9.2   refuses  to  comply  with  the  Merchant’s  instructions  in  respect  of  Processing  due  to  concerns  that  compliance  will

cause  a  breach  of  Data  Protection  Legislation,  Fidelity  shall  not  have  any  Liability  (subject  to  Clause  9.2)  for  any

failure  to  follow  such  instructions.

7.10   Each  Party  agrees  to  indemnify,  and  keep  indemnified  and  defend  at  its  own  expense,  the  other  Party,  against  all  costs,   claims,  damages  or  expenses  incurred  by  the  other  Party  or  for  which  the  other  Party  may  become  liable,  due  to  any   failure  by  the  first  Party  or  its  employees  or  agents  to  comply  with  this  Clause  7.

  1.   Fees  

8.1   In  consideration  of  the  Merchant  obtaining  the  relevant  Services  from  Fidelity  pursuant  to  this  Agreement,  the  Merchant   shall  pay  to  Fidelity  the  Fees.

8.2   Fidelity  will   issue  invoices   to   the  Merchant   for   the  Fees  on  a  monthly  basis   in  accordance  with   the  Order  Form  (and   otherwise  as  set  out  in  this  Agreement).  The  Merchant  shall  pay  the  Fees  to  Fidelity  within  30  days  of  the  date  of  the   invoice.

8.3   All  sums  due  under  this  Agreement  are  exclusive  of  VAT  or  other  sales,  import  or  export  duties  or  taxes  (if  applicable)   which  shall  be  payable  in  addition  at  the  same  time  as  payment  of  any  sums  due.

8.4   The  Merchant  shall  pay  to  Fidelity  all  sums  due  under  this  Agreement:

8.4.1   by  any  payment  method  that  Fidelity  may  stipulate  from  time  to  time;  no  payment  shall  be  considered  paid  until

Fidelity  has  received  it  in  cleared  funds  in  full;

8.4.2   in  the  currency  in  force  in  England  from  time  to  time;  and

8.4.3   in  full  without  any  set-­‐off,  counterclaim,  deduction  or  withholding  (other  than  any  deduction  or  withholding  of

tax  as  required  by  law).

8.5   Fidelity  reserves  the  right  to  increase  the  Fees  by  giving  the  Merchant  not  less  than  30  days’  notice  of  such  increase  taking   effect.  If,  following  receipt  of  such  notice  from  Fidelity,  the  Merchant  intends  to  terminate  this  Agreement,  the  Merchant

may  terminate  this  Agreement  by  the  provision  to  Fidelity  of  30  days’  notice,  to  be  served  on  Fidelity  no  later  than  two   Business  Days  following  the  Merchant’s  receipt  of  Fidelity’s  notice  in  respect  of  the  Fee  increase.

8.6   If  the  Merchant  is  late  in  paying  any  part  of  any  monies  due  to  Fidelity  under  this  Agreement  and  such  payment  remains   outstanding  for  seven  days  following  Fidelity  providing  notice  to  the  Merchant  of  such  outstanding  payment,  Fidelity  may   (without  prejudice  to  any  other  right  or  remedy  available  to  Fidelity  whether  under  this  Agreement  or  by  any  statute,   regulation  or  bye-­‐law)  do  any  or  all  of  the  following:

8.6.1   recover  Fidelity’s  costs  and  expenses  and  charges  (including  legal  and  debt  collection  fees  and  costs)  in  collecting

the  late  payment;  and/or

8.6.2   suspend  performance  of  this  Agreement  until  payment  in  full  has  been  made.

8.7   The  Merchant  acknowledges  that  Fidelity  may  use  and  share  the  Merchant’s   information  with  third  parties  (including   credit  reference  agencies,  Fidelity’s  associated  companies,  Fidelity’s  funders  and  any  person  to  whom  Fidelity  may  assign   its  rights  under  this  Agreement)  to  help  Fidelity  and  those  third  parties  assess  financial  and  insurance  risks,  recover  debt,   develop   customer   relationships,   services   and   systems,   and   prevent   and   detect   crime.   That   information  may   include   information  about  Transactions.

8.8   Fidelity  reserves  the  right  to:

8.8.1   share  information  it  holds  in  respect  of  the  Merchant  with  credit  reference  agencies;  and

8.8.2   make  periodic  searches  of  and  provide  information  (including  how  the  Merchant  manages  its  account  and  any

arrears)  to  credit  reference  agencies  and  fraud  prevention  agencies  to  manage  and  make  decisions  about  the

Merchant’s  account.

Such  information  may  be  used  by  other  credit  providers  to  take  decisions  about  the  Merchant  and  its  financial  associates.

  1.   Limitation  of  Liability  

9.1   This  Clause  9  prevails  over  all  of  this  Agreement  and  sets  forth  the  entire  Liability  of  Fidelity,  and  the  sole  and  exclusive   remedies  of  the  Merchant,  in  respect  of:

9.1.1   performance,   non-­‐performance,   purported   performance,   delay   in   performance   or   mis-­‐performance   of   this

Agreement  or  any  services  in  connection  with  this  Agreement;  or

9.1.2   otherwise  in  relation  to  this  Agreement  or  entering  into  this  Agreement.

9.2   Neither  Party  excludes  or  limits  its  Liability  for:

9.2.1   its  fraud;  or

9.2.2   death  or  personal  injury  caused  by  its  Breach  of  Duty;  or

9.2.3   any  breach  of  the  obligations  implied  by  Section  2  of  the  Supply  of  Goods  and  Services  Act  1982;  or

9.2.4   any  other  Liability  which  cannot  be  excluded  or  limited  by  applicable  law.

9.3   Subject  to  Clause  9.2,  and  other  than  any  Liability  arising  pursuant  to  this  Agreement,  Fidelity  does  not  accept,  and  hereby   excludes,  any  Liability  for  Breach  of  Duty.

9.4   Subject  to  Clause  9.2,  Fidelity  shall  not  have  any  Liability  in  respect  of  any:

9.4.1   indirect  or  consequential  losses,  damages,  costs  or  expenses;

9.4.2   loss  of  actual  or  anticipated  profits;

9.4.3   loss  of  contracts;

9.4.4   loss  of  use  of  money;

9.4.5   loss  of  anticipated  savings;

9.4.6   loss  of  revenue;

9.4.7   loss  of  goodwill;

9.4.8   loss  of  reputation;

9.4.9   loss  of  business;

9.4.10   ex  gratia  payments;

9.4.11   loss  of  operation  time;

9.4.12   loss  of  opportunity;

9.4.13   loss  caused  by  the  diminution  in  value  of  any  asset;  or

9.4.14   loss  of,  damage  to,  or  corruption  of,  data;

whether  or  not  such  losses  were  reasonably  foreseeable  or  Fidelity  or  its  agents  or  contractors  had  been  advised  of  the   possibility  of  such  losses  being  incurred.  For  the  avoidance  of  doubt,  Clauses  9.4.2  to  9.4.14  (inclusive)  of  this  Clause  9.4   apply  whether  such  losses  are  direct,  indirect,  consequential  or  otherwise.

9.5   Subject  to  Clause  9.2,  Fidelity’s  total  aggregate  Liability  arising  out  of  or  in  connection  with:

9.5.1   a  particular  Service  shall  be  limited  to  the  extent  set  out  in  each  relevant  Schedule;;  and

9.5.2   all   other  claims   in  aggregate   (including  claims  in  respect  of  a  Service   for  which  a   limit   is  not   set  out   in   that

relevant  Schedule)  shall  be  limited  to  110%  of  all  amounts  paid  and  total  other  sums  payable,  in  aggregate,  by

the  Merchant  to  Fidelity  under  this  Agreement  in  the  12  months  prior  to  the  date  on  which  the  claim  first  arose.

9.6   The  limitation  of  Liability  under  Clause  9.5  has  effect   in  relation  both  to  any  Liability  expressly  provided  for  under  this   Agreement  and  to  any  Liability  arising  by  reason  of  the  invalidity  or  unenforceability  of  any  term  of  this  Agreement.

9.7   The  Merchant  acknowledges  and  accepts  that  Fidelity  only  provides  the  Services  on  the  express  condition  that  Fidelity   will  not  be  responsible,  nor,  subject  to  Clause  9.2,  shall  Fidelity  have  any  Liability,  directly  or  indirectly,  for  any  act  or   omission  of  the  Merchant,  the  Merchant’s  affiliates  or   its  or  their  employees,  agents,  contractors  or  customers  or  any   third  party.

9.8   Nothing  in  this  Agreement  shall  restrict  or  limit  either  Party’s  general  obligation  at  law  to  mitigate  any  loss  it  may  suffer   or  incur  as  a  result  of  an  event  that  may  give  rise  to  a  claim  under  this  Agreement.

  1.   Term  and  termination  

10.1   This  Agreement   shall   commence  on   the   Commencement  Date   and,   unless   terminated   earlier   in   accordance  with   the   termination  provisions  under  this  Agreement,  shall  continue  in  full  force  and  effect  until  the  latest  of:

10.1.1   the  completion  of  the  provision  of  the  Services  under  the  last  extant  Schedule;  or

10.1.2   the  conclusion  of  payment  of  all  Fees  due  under  this  Agreement;

(the  “Term”).

10.2   Without  prejudice  to  any  of  Fidelity’s  rights  or  remedies,  Fidelity  may  terminate  this  Agreement  (or  any  Schedule)  with   immediate  effect  (or  such  other  notice  period  as  Fidelity  sees  fit  at  its  absolute  direction)  by  giving  notice  to  the  Merchant   if:

10.2.1   the  Merchant  fails  to  pay  any  amount  due  under  this  Agreement  on  the  due  date  for  payment  and  such  amount

remains  in  default  not  less  than  14  days  after  being  notified  to  make  such  payment;

10.2.2   in  accordance  with  Clause  4.2;  and/or

10.2.3   if  the  Acquirer  requires  Fidelity  to  do  so.

10.3   Without  affecting  any  other  rights  or  remedies  that  it  may  be  entitled  to,  either  Party  may  give  notice  in  writing  to  the   other  Party  terminating  this  Agreement  (or  any  Schedule)  immediately  if:

10.3.1   without   prejudice   to   Clause   10.2,   the   other   Party   is   in  material   breach   of   any   of   its   obligations   under   this

Agreement  (or  in  respect  of  that  particular  Schedule),  and,  where  such  material  breach  is  capable  of  remedy,

the  other  Party  fails  to  remedy  such  breach  within  a  period  of  10  Business  Days  of  being  notified  of  such  breach

by  the  Party;

10.3.2   the  other  Party  gives  notice  to  any  of  its  creditors  that  it  has  suspended  or  is  about  to  suspend  payment  or  if  it

shall  be  unable  to  pay  its  debts  within  the  meaning  of  Section  123  of  the  Insolvency  Act  1986,  or  an  order   is

made  or  a  resolution  is  passed  for  the  winding-­‐up  of  the  other  Party  or  an  administration  order  is  made  or  an

administrator  is  appointed  to  manage  the  affairs,  business  and  property  of  the  other  Party  or  a  receiver  and/or

manager  or  administrative  receiver  is  appointed  in  respect  of  all  or  any  of  the  other  Party’s  assets  or  undertaking

or   circumstances   arise   which   entitle   the   court   or   a   creditor   to   appoint   a   receiver   and/or   manager   or

administrative  receiver  or  administrator  or  which  entitle  the  court  to  make  a  winding-­‐up  or  bankruptcy  order  or

the  other  Party  takes  or  suffers  any  similar  or  analogous  action  in  consequence  of  debt  in  any  jurisdiction;  and/or

10.3.3   the  other  Party  suspends  or  ceases,  or  threatens  to  suspend  or  cease,  to  carry  on  all  or  a  substantial  part  of  its


10.4   Without  prejudice  to  any  of  Fidelity’s  rights  or  remedies,  Fidelity  may  terminate  this  Agreement  (or  any  Schedule)  at  any   time  by  giving  not  less  than  one  month’s  notice  to  the  Merchant.

10.5   Any  provision  of   this  Agreement   that  expressly  or  by  implication   is   intended   to  come   into  or  continue   in   force  on  or   after  termination  or  expiry  of  this  Agreement  (or  in  respect  of  the  relevant  terminated  or  expired  Schedule)  shall  remain   in  full  force  and  effect.

10.6   Termination  or  expiry  of  this  Agreement  (or  any  Schedule)  shall  not  affect  any  rights,  remedies,  obligations  or  liabilities   of  the  Parties  that  have  accrued  up  to  the  date  of  termination  or  expiry,  including  the  right  to  claim  damages  in  respect   of  any  breach  of  the  Agreement  (or  in  respect  of  a  Schedule)  which  existed  at  or  before  the  date  of  termination  or  expiry.

10.7   On  termination  or  expiry  of  this  Agreement  (or  in  respect  of  any  Schedule)  for  any  reason:

10.7.1   Fidelity  shall  cease  to  provide  the  Services  under  this  Agreement  (or  that  particular  Schedule);  and

10.7.2   the  Merchant  shall  pay   to  Fidelity  all  amounts  owing   to  Fidelity  under   this  Agreement   (or   in  respect  of   that

Schedule),  whether  invoiced  or  not.

  1.   Confidentiality  

11.1   Each  Party  must  keep  the  other  Party’s  Confidential  Information  confidential  and  must  not:

11.1.1   use  such  Confidential  Information  except  for  the  purpose  of  exercising  or  performing  its  rights  and  obligations

under  this  Agreement;  or

11.1.2   disclose  such  Confidential  Information  in  whole  or  in  part  to  any  third  party,  except  as  expressly  permitted  by

this  Clause  11.

Each  Party  must  use  adequate  procedures  and  security  measures  to  protect  the  other  Party’s  Confidential  Information   from  inadvertent  disclosure  or  release  to  unauthorised  persons.

11.2   A  Party  may  disclose  the  other  Party’s  Confidential  Information  to  those  of  its  employees,  agents  and  subcontractors  who   need  to  know  such  Confidential  Information  provided  that:

11.2.1   it  informs  such  employees,  agents  and  subcontractors  of  the  confidential  nature  of  the  Confidential  Information

before  disclosure;  and

11.2.2   it  does  so  subject  to  obligations  equivalent  to  those  set  out  in  this  Clause  11.

11.3   A   Party  may   disclose   the   Confidential   Information   of   the   other   Party   to   the   extent   such   Confidential   Information   is   required  to  be  disclosed  by  law,  by  any  governmental  or  other  regulatory  authority  or  by  a  court  or  other  authority  of   competent  jurisdiction  provided  that,  to  the  extent  it  is  legally  permitted  to  do  so,  it  gives  the  other  Party  as  much  notice   of  such  disclosure  as  possible  and,  where  notice  of  disclosure  is  not  prohibited  and  is  given  in  accordance  with  this  Clause   11.3,  it  takes  into  account  the  reasonable  requests  of  the  other  Party  in  relation  to  the  content  of  such  disclosure.

11.4   The  obligations  of  confidentiality  in  this  Clause  11  shall  not  extend  to  any  matter  which  either  Party  can  show:

11.4.1   is  in,  or  has  become  part  of,  the  public  domain  other  than  as  a  result  of  a  breach  of  the  confidentiality  obligations

of  this  Agreement;  or

11.4.2   was  independently  developed  by  it;  or

11.4.3   was  independently  disclosed  to  it  by  a  third  party  entitled  to  disclose  the  same;  or

11.4.4   was  in  its  written  records  prior  to  receipt.

11.5   Each  Party  reserves  all  rights  in  its  Confidential  Information.  No  rights  or  obligations  in  respect  of  a  Party’s  Confidential   Information  other  than  those  expressly  stated  in  this  Agreement  are  granted  to  the  other  Party,  or  to  be  implied  from   this  Agreement.

11.6   On  termination  of  this  Agreement,  each  Party  must:

11.6.1   return  to  the  other  Party  all  documents  and  materials  (and  any  copies)  containing,  reflecting,  incorporating  or

based  on  the  other  Party’s  Confidential  Information;

11.6.2   erase  all  the  other  Party’s  Confidential  Information  from  its  computer  systems  (to  the  extent  possible);  and

11.6.3   certify  in  writing  to  the  other  Party  that  it  has  complied  with  the  requirements  of  this  Clause  11.6,  provided  that

a  recipient  Party  may  retain  documents  and  materials  containing,  reflecting,  incorporating  or  based  on  the  other

Party’s  Confidential   Information   to   the  extent   required  by  law  or  any  applicable  governmental  or   regulatory

authority,  or  to  otherwise  maintain  reasonable  business  records.  The  provisions  of  this  Clause  11  shall  continue

to   apply   to   any   such   documents   and   materials   retained   by   a   recipient   Party   following   termination   of   this

Agreement  for  any  reason.

11.7   The  provisions  of  this  Clause  11  shall  continue  to  apply  after  termination  of  this  Agreement.

11.8   Fidelity  may   identify   the  Merchant   as   Fidelity’s  client   and   the   type  of   services   provided  by   Fidelity   to   the  Merchant,   including  the  use  by  Fidelity  of  the  Merchant’s  brand  and/or  logo  from  time  to  time  for  marketing  and  sales  purposes,   provided   that,   in   doing   so,   Fidelity   shall   not   reveal   any   of   the   Merchant’s   Confidential   Information   (without   the   Merchant’s  prior  written  consent).

  1.   Force  Majeure  

12.1   Subject   to   Clause   9.2,   Fidelity   shall   not   have   any   Liability   for   any   breach,   hindrance   or   delay   in   performance   of   its   obligations  under  this  Agreement  which  is  caused  by  an  Event  of  Force  Majeure,  regardless  of  whether  the  circumstances   in  question  could  have  been  foreseen.  An  “Event  of  Force  Majeure”  means  any  cause  outside  of  Fidelity’s  reasonable   control,  including  act  of  God,  actions  or  omissions  of  third  parties  (including  hackers,  suppliers,  couriers,  governments,   quasi-­‐governmental,   supra-­‐national   or   local   authorities),   insurrection,   riot,   civil  war,   civil   commotion,  war,  hostilities,   threat  of  war,  warlike  operations,  armed  conflict,  imposition  of  sanctions,  embargo,  breaking  off  of  diplomatic  relations   or  similar  actions,  national  emergencies,  terrorism,  nuclear,  chemical  or  biological  contamination  or  sonic  boom,  piracy,   arrests,  restraints  or  detainments  of  any  competent  authority,  blockade,  strikes  or  combinations  or  lock-­‐out  of  workmen,   epidemic,  fire,  explosion,  storm,  flood,  drought,  adverse  weather  conditions,  loss  at  sea,  earthquake,  natural  disaster,   accident,  collapse  of  building  structures,  failure  of  plant  machinery  or  machinery  or  third  party  computers  or  third  party   hardware  or  vehicles,  failure  or  problems  with  public  utility  supplies  (including  general:  electrical,  telecoms,  water,  gas,   postal,  courier,  communications  or  Internet  disruption  or  failure),  and/or  shortage  of  or  delay   in  or   inability  to  obtain   supplies,  stocks,  storage,  materials,  equipment  or  transportation.

12.2   Fidelity  agrees  to  inform  the  Merchant  upon  becoming  aware  of  an  Event  of  Force  Majeure,  such  information  to  contain   details  of  the  circumstances  giving  rise  to  the  Event  of  Force  Majeure.

12.3   The  performance  of  Fidelity’s  obligations  shall  be  suspended  during  the  period  that  the  circumstances  persist  and  Fidelity   shall  be  granted  an  extension  of  time  for  performance  equal  to  the  period  of  the  delay.

12.4   Each  Party  shall  bear  its  own  costs  incurred  by  the  Event  of  Force  Majeure.

12.5   If   the   performance   of   any   obligations   is   delayed   under   this   Clause   12,   the   Merchant   shall   nevertheless   accept   performance  as  and  when  Fidelity  shall  be  able  to  perform.

12.6   If  the  breach,  hindrance  or  delay  caused  by  the  Event  of  Force  Majeure  as  set  out   in  Clause  12.1  continues  without  a   break  for  more  than  one  month,  Fidelity  may  terminate  this  Agreement  immediately  by  notice  to  the  Merchant,  in  which   event  neither  Party  shall  have  any  Liability  (subject  to  Clause  9.2)  to  the  other  Party  by  reason  of  such  termination.

12.7   If  Fidelity  has  contracted  to  provide  identical  or  similar  services  to  more  than  one  client  and  Fidelity  is  prevented  from   fully  meeting   its   obligations   to   the  Merchant   due   to   an   Event   of   Force  Majeure,   Fidelity  may   decide   at   its   absolute   discretion  which  contracts  it  will  perform  and  to  what  extent.

  1.   Change  control  

13.1   Fidelity  may,  at  any  time,  vary  the  terms  of  this  Agreement  by  the  provision  of  30  days’  notice  to  the  Merchant;  in  the   event  that  the  Merchant  does  not  agree  to  the  variation,  it  may  terminate  this  Agreement  on  the  provision  to  Fidelity  of   not  less  than  20  days’  notice  to  take  effect  at  the  end  of  the  30  day  notice  period  in  respect  of  the  variation.  No  other   change  to  this  Agreement  shall  be  binding  unless  it  is  agreed  in  writing  signed  by  each  of  the  Parties,  expressed  to  be  for   the  purpose  of  such  amendments  and  in  the  format  of  a  Change  Control  Form.

13.2   If  Fidelity  would  like  to  make  any  change  to  this  Agreement,  it  may  recommend  a  proposal  for  the  change.

13.3   If  the  Merchant  would  like  to  make  any  change  to  this  Agreement,  one  of  the  Merchant’s  authorised  representatives  may   request  that  Fidelity  makes  a  proposal  for  bringing  about  the  change.

13.4   To  the  extent  the  change  is  feasible,  Fidelity  shall  state  within  a  reasonable  time  what  would  be  the  effects  of  the  change,   including  on  cost,  Fees,  timetable  and  any  impact  on  the  rest  of  the  Services  and  this  Agreement  and  any  other  agreement   between  the  Parties.

13.5   Neither  Party  shall  unreasonably  withhold  or  delay  agreement  to  a  change  reasonably  requested  by  the  other  Party.  Both

Parties  shall  use  their  respective  reasonable  endeavours  to  agree  to  the  change  and  in  a  timely  manner.

13.6   To  the  extent  the  change  affects  any  timescales,  the  timescales  shall  be  automatically  extended  accordingly.

13.7   The   final  agreed  change  shall  be  noted   in  an  agreed  Change  Control  Form  and  signed  by  each  of   the  Parties.  Change   Control  Forms  shall  be  numbered  sequentially  by  the  Parties  and  a  status  log  kept  by  each  of  the  Parties.

13.8   Until  a  Change  Control  Form  is  signed  by  both  Parties,  no  change  shall  come  into  effect.

  1.   Freedom  to  contract  

The  Parties  declare  that  they  each  have  the  right,  power  and  authority  and  have  taken  all  action  necessary  to  execute   and  deliver  and  to  exercise  their  rights  and  perform  their  obligations  under  this  Agreement.

  1.   Counterparts  

This   Agreement  may   be   executed   in   any   number   of   counterparts,   each   of   which   when   executed   shall   constitute   a   duplicate  original,  but  all  the  counterparts  shall  together  constitute  the  one  agreement.

  1.   Notices  

16.1   Any  notice  given  to  either  Party  under  or  in  connection  with  this  Agreement  shall  be  in  writing,  addressed  to  the  relevant   Party  at  its  registered  office  or  such  other  address  as  that  Party  may  have  specified  to  the  other  Party  in  writing,  and  shall   be  delivered  personally,  sent  by  pre-­‐paid  first-­‐class  post,  recorded  delivery,  commercial  courier  or  by  email  (provided   that  a  confirmatory  copy  is  given  by  hand,  sent  by  pre-­‐paid  first-­‐class  post  or  recorded  delivery,  or  by  commercial  courier,   in  accordance  with  this  Clause  16.1  within  one  Business  Day  of  transmission  of  such  email).

16.2   A  notice  shall  be  deemed  to  have  been  received:  if  delivered  personally,  when  left  at  the  address  referred  to  in  Clause   16.1;   if   sent  by  pre-­‐paid  first-­‐class  post  or   recorded  delivery,  at  9.00  am  on  the  second  Business  Day  after  posting;   if   delivered  by  commercial  courier,  on  the  date  and  at  the  time  that  the  courier’s  delivery  receipt  is  signed;  or,  if  sent  by   email,  at  the  time  at  which  that  email  has  been  sent  (where  the  confirmation  of  sending  shall  be  conclusive  evidence  of   proof  that  a  notice  was  sent  by  email).

16.3   The  provisions  of  this  Clause  16  shall  not  apply  to  the  service  of  any  proceedings  or  other  documents  in  any  legal  action.

  1.   Assignment  

17.1   The  Merchant  must  not  assign,  transfer,  charge  or  otherwise  encumber,  create  any  trust  over,  or  deal   in  any  manner   with,  this  Agreement  or  any  right,  benefit  or  interest  under  it,  nor  transfer,  novate  or  sub-­‐contract  any  of  its  obligations   under  it,  without  the  prior  written  consent  of  Fidelity  (such  consent  not  to  be  unreasonably  withheld  or  delayed).

17.2   Fidelity  may,  from  time  to  time,  assign  or  subcontract  any  or  all  of  its  rights  and  obligations  under  this  Agreement  to  a   member  of  its  Group,  where,  for  such  purposes,  “Group”  means,  in  relation  to  Fidelity,  Fidelity,  any  subsidiary  or  holding   company  from  time  to  time  of  Fidelity,  and  any  subsidiary  from  time  to  time  of  a  holding  company  of  Fidelity.

  1.   Severance  

1.1   If  any  court  or  competent  authority  finds  that  any  provision  of  this  Agreement  (or  part  of  any  provision)  is  invalid,  illegal   or  unenforceable,  that  provision  or  part-­‐provision  shall,  to  the  extent  required,  be  deemed  to  be  deleted,  and  the  validity   and  enforceability  of  the  other  provisions  of  this  Agreement  shall  not  be  affected.

1.2   If  any  invalid,  unenforceable  or  illegal  provision  of  this  Agreement  would  be  valid,  enforceable  and  legal  if  some  part  of   it   were   deleted,   the   provision   shall   apply   with   the   minimum   modification   necessary   to   make   it   legal,   valid   and   enforceable.

  1.   Waiver  

2.1   A  waiver  of  any  right  or  remedy  under  this  Agreement  is  only  effective  if  given  in  writing  and  shall  not  be  deemed  a  waiver   of  any  subsequent  breach  or  default.  No  failure  or  delay  by  a  Party  to  exercise  any  right  or  remedy  provided  under  this   Agreement  or  by  law  shall  constitute  a  waiver  of  that  or  any  other  right  or  remedy,  nor  shall  it  preclude  or  restrict  the   further  exercise  of  that  or  any  other  right  or  remedy.  No  single  or  partial  exercise  of  such  right  or  remedy  shall  preclude   or  restrict  the  further  exercise  of  that  or  any  other  right  or  remedy.

2.2   Except  as  expressly  provided  in  this  Agreement,  the  rights  and  remedies  provided  under  this  Agreement  are  in  addition   to,  and  not  exclusive  of,  any  rights  or  remedies  provided  by  law. 

  1.   Third  party  rights  

A  person  who  is  not  a  Party  shall  not  have  any  rights  under  or  in  connection  with  this  Agreement.

  1.   No  partnership  

Nothing  in  this  Agreement  shall  constitute  a  partnership  or  employment  or  agency  relationship  between  the  Parties.

  1.   Governing  law  and  jurisdiction  

5.1   This  Agreement  and  any  dispute  or  claim  arising  out  of  or  in  connection  with  it  or  its  subject  matter  or  formation  (including

non-­‐contractual  disputes  or  claims)  shall  be  governed  by  and  construed  in  accordance  with  the  laws  of  England.

5.2   The  Parties   irrevocably  agree  that  the  courts  of  England  shall  have  exclusive  jurisdiction  to  settle  any  dispute  or  claim

that  arises  out  of  or  in  connection  with  this  Agreement  or  its  subject  matter  or  formation.




Terminal  Services  Schedule  

This   is  a  Schedule   to   the  Terms  and  Conditions  of  Fidelity  Payment  Processing  Limited.  This  Schedule  applies   to   the  Terminal   Services  as  stipulated  in  the  Order  Form  (as  amended  by  the  Parties  by  a  Change  Control  Form).

Unless  the  context  otherwise  requires,  the  definitions  used  in  the  Terms  and  Conditions  apply  to  this  Schedule.  Any  other  terms   defined  in  this  Schedule  have  that  meaning  for  this  Schedule  only.

  1.   Interpretation  

In  this  Schedule,  the  following  terms  shall  have  the  following  meanings  unless  the  context  requires  otherwise:

“Consumables”  batteries,   paper   rolls,   printer   ink   or  cartridges,   all  power  and   other   accessories   required   or   desired   for   operation   of   the   Terminal;

“Delivery”  the   transfer   of   physical   possession   of   the   Terminal   to   the   Merchant  at  the  Location;

“Hire  Fees”  the  fees  paid  and  payable  by  the  Merchant  for  the  provision  by   Fidelity  of  the  Terminal  Services,  as  set  out  in  the  Order  Form;

“Hire  Period”  the  Initial  Hire  Period  together  with  all  Renewed  Hire  Periods;

“Hire  Start  Date”  has  the  meaning  set  out  in  the  Order  Form;

“Infrastructure”  all   necessary   telecommunications   devices,   connections,   third-­‐ party  equipment,  utilities  and  other  requirements  necessary  for   the  use  and  performance  of  the  Terminal  (including  networks,   systems  and  Internet  access  as  appropriate);

“Initial  Hire  Period”  has  the  meaning  set  out  in  the  Order  Form;

“Location”  has  the  meaning  set  out  in  the  Order  Form; 

“Network”  the  PSTN,  Broadband  or  mobile  telephone  network  upon  which   the  Terminal  will  operate  to  process  Transactions;

“Renewed  Hire  Period”  has  the  meaning  given  to  it  in  the  Order  Form;

“SIM  Card”    the  card  used  with  a  Terminal  which  uses  a  Network  to  process   Transactions;

“Terminal”  the   items   of   equipment   listed   in   the   Order   Form,   all   substitutions,   replacements   or   renewals   of   such   equipment,   and  all  related  accessories,  manuals  and  instructions  provided   for  it;  and

“Terminal  Services”  the  hire  to  the  Merchant  by  Fidelity  of  the  Terminal,  together   with  ancillary  services  provided  by  Fidelity  (including  processing   Transactions   through   the   Terminal),   in   accordance   with   this   Agreement.

  1.   Terminal  hire  

2.1   Fidelity   shall   hire   the   Terminal   to   the  Merchant   for   use   at   the   Location   subject   to   this   Agreement,   for   the   purposes  of  Transactions.

2.2   Fidelity  shall  not,  other  than  in  the  exercise  of  its  rights  under  this  Agreement  or  applicable  law,  interfere  with   the  Merchant’s  quiet  possession  of  the  Terminal.

  1.   Hire  Fees  

The  Merchant  shall  pay  the  Hire  Fees  to  Fidelity  in  accordance  with  this  Agreement.

  1.   Delivery  

4.1   Fidelity  shall  make  Delivery  of  the  Terminal,  and  shall  use  reasonable  endeavours  to  effect  Delivery  by  the  date   and  time  agreed  between  the  Parties.

4.2   The  Merchant   shall   procure   that   a   duly   authorised   representative   of   the  Merchant   shall   be   present   at   the   Delivery  of  the  Terminal.  Acceptance  of  Delivery  by  such  representative  shall  constitute  conclusive  evidence  that   the  Merchant  has  examined  the  Terminal  and  has  found  it  to  be  in  good  condition,  complete  and  fit  in  every  way   for  the  purpose  for  which  it  is  intended.  If  required  by  Fidelity,  the  Merchant’s  duly  authorised  representative   shall  sign  a  receipt  confirming  such  acceptance.

4.3   If  set  out  in  the  Order  Form,  Fidelity  shall  (at  the  Merchant’s  expense)  install  and  configure  the  Terminal  at  the   Location.  The  Merchant  shall  procure  that  a  duly  authorised  representative  of  the  Merchant  shall  be  present  at   installation   and   configuration   of   the   Terminal.   Acceptance   by   such   representative   of   installation   and   configuration  shall  constitute  conclusive  evidence  that  the  Merchant  has  examined  the  Terminal  and  has  found   it  to  be  in  good  condition,  complete  and  fit  in  every  way  for  the  purpose  for  which  it  is  intended.  If  required  by   Fidelity,  the  Merchant’s  duly  authorised  representative  shall  sign  a  receipt  confirming  such  acceptance.

4.4   To  facilitate  Delivery,  installation  and  configuration,  the  Merchant  shall  (at  its  sole  expense)  provide  all  requisite   materials,   facilities,   access   and   suitable  working   conditions   to   enable   the   same   to   be  carried   out   safely   and   expeditiously  by  Fidelity  at  the  Location.

4.5   The  Terminal  shall  at  all  times  remain  the  property  of  Fidelity  or  its  third-­‐party  licensors,  and  the  Merchant  shall   have  no  right,  title  or  interest  in  or  to  the  Terminal  (save  the  right  to  possession  and  use  of  the  Terminal  subject   to  the  terms  and  conditions  of  this  Agreement).

4.6   The  risk  of  loss,  theft,  damage  or  destruction  of  the  Terminal  shall  pass  to  the  Merchant  on  Delivery.  The  Terminal   shall   remain   at   the   sole   risk   of   the  Merchant   during   the  Hire   Period   and   any   further   term  during  which   the   Terminal  is  in  the  possession,  custody  or  control  of  the  Merchant  (“Risk  Period”)  until  such  time  as  the  Terminal   is  redelivered  to  Fidelity.  During  the  Hire  Period  and  the  Risk  Period,  the  Merchant  shall,  at  its  own  expense,   obtain  and  maintain  the  following  insurances:

(a)   insurance  of  the  Terminal  to  a  value  not  less  than  its  full  replacement  value  comprehensively  against  all

usual  risks  of  loss,  damage  or  destruction  by  fire,  theft  or  accident,  and  such  other  risks  as  Fidelity  may

from  time  to  time  nominate  in  writing;

(b)   insurance  for  such  amounts  as  a  prudent  owner  or  operator  of  the  Terminal  would  insure  for,  or  such

amount  as  Fidelity  may  from  time  to  time  reasonably  require,  to  cover  any  third  party  or  public  liability

risks  of  whatever  nature  and  however  arising  in  connection  with  the  Terminal;  and

(c)   insurance  against  such  other  or  further  risks  relating  to  the  Terminal  as  may  be  required  by  law,  together

with  such  other  insurance  as  Fidelity  may  from  time  to  time  consider  reasonably  necessary  and  advise

to  the  Merchant.

4.7   All  insurance  policies  procured  by  the  Merchant  shall  be  endorsed  to  provide  Fidelity  with  at  least  20  Business   Days’   prior   written   notice   of   cancellation  or  material   change   (including   any   reduction   in   coverage   or   policy   amount)  and  shall  upon  Fidelity’s  request  name  Fidelity  on  the  policies  as  a  loss  payee  in  relation  to  any  claim   relating  to  the  Terminal.  The  Merchant  shall  be  responsible  for  paying  any  deductibles  due  on  any  claims  under   such  insurance  policies.

4.8   The  Merchant  shall  give  immediate  written  notice  to  Fidelity  in  the  event  of  any  theft,  loss,  accident  or  damage   to  the  Terminal  arising  out  of  or  in  connection  with  the  Merchant’s  possession  or  use  of  the  Terminal,  or  if  the   Terminal  otherwise  becomes  inoperable  for  any  reason.  The  Merchant  will  be  responsible  to  pay  Fidelity’s  then   current   replacement  or   repair   charges   (as  applicable,  and  charged  at   the  Rates  where  relevant)   in  respect  of   each  Terminal  which  is  stolen,  lost,  damaged  or  otherwise  inoperable,  and  the  Merchant  will  indemnify  Fidelity   from  and  against  any  loss,  damage,  costs  and  expenses  and  other  liabilities  Fidelity  may  incur  as  a  consequence   of  Fidelity  hiring  the  Terminal  to  the  Merchant.

4.9   If  the  Merchant  fails  to  effect  or  maintain  any  of  the  insurances  required  under  this  Agreement,  Fidelity  shall  be   entitled  to  effect  and  maintain  the  same,  pay  such  premiums  as  may  be  necessary  for  that  purpose  and  recover   the  same  as  a  debt  due  from  the  Merchant.

4.10   The  Merchant  shall,  on  demand,  supply  copies  of  the  relevant  insurance  policies  or  other  insurance  confirmation   acceptable  to  Fidelity  and  proof  of  premium  payment  to  Fidelity  to  confirm  the  insurance  arrangements.

  1.   Merchant  responsibilities  

5.1   The  Merchant  shall  during  the  Hire  Period:

(a)   ensure  that  the  Terminal  is  kept  and  operated  in  a  suitable  environment,  used  only  for  the  purposes  for   which  it  is  designed,  and  operated  in  a  proper  manner  by  trained  competent  staff  in  accordance  with   any  operating  instructions;

(b)   take  such  steps  (including  compliance  with  all  safety  and  usage  instructions  provided  by  Fidelity)  as  may   be  necessary  to  ensure,  so  far  as   is  reasonably  practicable,  that  the  Terminal   is  at  all  times  safe  and   without  risk  to  health  when  it  is  being  set,  used  or  maintained  by  a  person  at  work;

(c)   maintain  at  its  own  expense  the  Terminal  in  good  and  substantial  repair  in  order  to  keep  it  in  as  good   an  operating  condition  as   it  was  on   the  Hire  Start  Date  (fair  wear  and   tear  only  excepted)   including   replacement  of  worn,  damaged  and  lost  parts,  make  good  any  damage  to  the  Terminal,  and  keep  the   Terminal  at  all  times  safely  and  securely;

(d)   make  no  alteration  to  the  Terminal  and  shall  not  remove  any  existing  component(s)  from  the  Terminal;

(e)   keep  Fidelity  fully  informed  of  all  material  matters  relating  to  the  Terminal;

(f)   keep  the  Terminal  at  all  times  at  the  Location  and  shall  not  move  or  attempt  to  move  any  part  of  the   Terminal  to  any  other  location  without  Fidelity’s  prior  written  consent;

(g)   permit   Fidelity   or   its   duly   authorised   representative   to   inspect,   repair,  maintain   and/or   remove   the   Terminal  at  all  reasonable  times  and  for  such  purpose  to  enter  upon  the  Location  or  any  premises  at   which  the  Terminal  may  be  located,  and  shall  grant  reasonable  access  and  facilities  for  the  same;

(h)   maintain  operating  and  maintenance  records  of  the  Terminal  and  make  copies  of  such  records  readily   available  to  Fidelity,  together  with  such  additional  information  as  Fidelity  may  reasonably  require;

(i)   not,  without  the  prior  written  consent  of  Fidelity,  part  with  control  of  (including  for  the  purposes  of   repair  or  maintenance),  sell  or  offer  for  sale,  underlet  or  lend  the  Terminal  or  allow  the  creation  of  any   mortgage,  charge,  lien  or  other  security  interest  in  respect  of  it;

(j)   not  do  or  permit  to  be  done  any  act  or  thing  which  will  or  may  jeopardise  the  right,  title  and/or  interest   of  Fidelity  in  the  Terminal;

(k)   not  suffer  or  permit   the  Terminal   to  be  confiscated,   seized  or   taken  out  of   its  possession  or  control   under  any  distress,  execution  or  other   legal  process,  but   if   the  Terminal   is   so  confiscated,   seized  or   taken,   the   Merchant   shall   notify   Fidelity   and   the   Merchant   shall   at   its   sole   expense   use   its   best   endeavours  to  procure  an  immediate  release  of  the  Terminal  and  shall  indemnify  Fidelity  on  demand   against  all  losses,  costs,  charges,  damages  and  expenses  incurred  as  a  result  of  such  confiscation;

(l)   have  in  place  all  Infrastructure;

(m)   monitor  the  connectivity  of  the  Terminal,  and  the  Merchant  acknowledges  that  Fidelity  will  not  monitor   for,  or  inform  the  Merchant  in  respect  of,  any  loss  of  connectivity;

(n)   provide  all  Consumables  necessary  for  the  operation  of  the  Terminal  during  the  Hire  Period;

(o)   reconcile  Card  payments  made  using  the  Terminal  in  a  timely  way  and  inform  Fidelity  of  any  discrepancy   immediately;

(p)   store  and,  where  appropriate,  destroy  receipts  and  Customer  information  securely;

(q)   be  responsible  for  any  unauthorised  or  fraudulent  transactions  performed  on  the  Terminal  whilst  in  the   Merchant’s  possession  or  under  the  Merchant’s  control;

(r)   download  and  use  any  software  updates  in  respect  of  the  Terminal  made  available  by  Fidelity  for  remote   download;

(s)   not  use  the  Terminal  for  any  unlawful  purpose;

(t)   ensure   that   at   all   times   the   Terminal   remains   identifiable  as   being   Fidelity’s   property   and  wherever   possible  shall  ensure  that  a  visible  sign  to  that  effect  is  attached  to  the  Terminal;

(u)   deliver  up  the  Terminal  at  the  end  of  the  Rental  Period  or  on  earlier  termination  of  this  Agreement at   such   address   as   Fidelity   requires,   or   if   necessary   allow   Fidelity   or   its   representatives   access   to   the   Location  or  any  premises  where  the  Terminal  is  located  for  the  purpose  of  removing  the  Terminal;  and

(v)   not  do  or  permit  to  be  done  anything  which  could  invalidate  the  insurances  referred  to  in  Paragraph

5.2   The  Merchant  acknowledges   that  Fidelity   shall  not  be   responsible   for  any  loss  of  or  damage   to   the  Terminal   whilst   the   Terminal   is   within   the  Merchant’s   control,   or   otherwise   arising   out   of   or   in   connection  with   any   negligence,  misuse,  mishandling  of  the  Terminal  or  otherwise  caused  by  the  Merchant  or  its  officers,  employees,   agents  and  contractors,  and  the  Merchant  undertakes  to  indemnify  Fidelity  on  demand  against  the  same,  and   against  all  losses,  liabilities,  claims,  damages,  costs  or  expenses  of  whatever  nature  otherwise  arising  out  of  or   in  connection  with  any  failure  by  the  Merchant  to  comply  with  the  terms  of  this  Schedule.

  1.   Warranty  

6.1   Fidelity  warrants  that  the  Terminal  shall  substantially  conform  to  its  specification  (as  made  available  by  Fidelity),   be  of  satisfactory  quality  and  fit  for  any  purpose  held  out  by  Fidelity.  Fidelity  shall  use  all  reasonable  endeavours   to   remedy,   free  of  charge,  any  material  defect   in   the  Terminal  which  manifests   itself  during   the  Hire  Period,   provided  that:

(a)   the  Merchant  notifies  Fidelity  of  any  defect,  using  the  Support  Services,  within  five  Business  Days  of  the

defect  occurring  or  of  becoming  aware  of  the  defect;

(b)   Fidelity  is  permitted  to  make  a  full  examination  of  the  alleged  defect  (in  respect  of  which  the  Merchant

shall  give  to  Fidelity  access  to  such  premises  and  information  as  Fidelity  may  require);

(c)   the  defect  did  not  materialise  as  a  result  of  misuse,  neglect,  alteration,  mishandling  or  unauthorised

manipulation  by  any  person  other  than  Fidelity’s  authorised  personnel;

(d)   the  defect  did  not  arise  out  of  any  information,  design  or  any  other  assistance  supplied  or  furnished  by

the  Merchant  or  on  its  behalf;  and

(e)   the  defect  is  directly  attributable  to  defective  material,  workmanship  or  design.

6.2   Insofar   as   the  Terminal  comprises   or   contains  equipment  or   components   which   were   not   manufactured   or   produced   by   Fidelity,   the  Merchant   shall   be   entitled   only   to   such  warranty   or   other   benefit   as   Fidelity   has   received  from  the  manufacturer.  In  the  event  that  the  Terminal  is  manufactured  by  a  third  party,  Fidelity  does   not  warrant  that  the  Terminal  will  be  free  from  defects  or  faults.

6.3   If  Fidelity  fails  to  remedy  any  material  defect  in  the  Terminal  in  accordance  with  Paragraph  6.1,  Fidelity  shall,  at   the  Merchant’s  request,  accept  the  return  of  part  or  all  of  the  Terminal  and  make  an  appropriate  reduction  (at   Fidelity’s  absolute  discretion)  to  the  Hire  Fees  payable  during  the  remaining  term  of  the  Hire  Period.

6.4   If  the  Merchant  makes  an  invalid  claim  under  the  warranty  set  out   in  Paragraph  6.1,  Fidelity  may  charge  the   Merchant  for  Fidelity’s  fees  and  costs  of  dealing  with  that  claim,  including  examining  (and  travelling  in  order  to   examine),  storing,  repairing  or  replacing  the  Terminal.

6.5   Fidelity   does   not  warrant   that   use   of   the  Terminal  will   be   uninterrupted  or   error-­‐free   (including   due   to   the   dependency  of  the  Terminal  on  third  parties  for  operational  use).

6.6   The  Merchant  acknowledges  that:

(a)   the  Merchant’s  use  of  the  Terminal  is  not  within  Fidelity’s  control;

(b)   the  Terminal  is  not  designed  to  meet  the  Merchant’s  individual  requirements;  and

(c)   in  the  event  of  any  failure  in  respect  of  the  Terminal,  the  Merchant  has  access  to  alternative  payment


6.7   Fidelity  shall  use  its  reasonable  endeavours  to  make  the  Terminal  Services  available;  the  Merchant  acknowledges   that   the   Terminal   Services  may   not   be   available   at   certain   times,   including   during   planned   and   emergency   maintenance  (in  respect  of  which  Fidelity  shall  use  its  reasonable  endeavours  to  give  to  the  Merchant  such  notice   as  Fidelity  is  reasonably  able  in  the  circumstances).

  1.   Consequences  of  termination  

7.1   On  termination  or  expiry  of  the  Terminal  Services  for  any  reason:

(a)   Fidelity’s  consent  to  the  Merchant’s  possession  of  the  Terminal  shall  terminate  and  Fidelity  may,  by  its

authorised  representatives,  without  notice  and  at   the  Merchant’s  expense,   retake  possession  of   the

Terminal  and  for  this  purpose  may  enter  the  Location  or  any  premises  at  which  the  Terminal  is  located;

(b)   in  the  event  of  any  failure  by  the  Merchant  to  comply  with  Paragraph  7.1(a)  or  Paragraph  5.1(c)  of  this

Schedule,  the  Merchant  shall  pay  to  Fidelity  on  demand  the  greater  of:

(i)   £200;  and

(ii)   such  amount  for  the  replacement  of  the  Terminal  as  is  Fidelity’s  reasonable  assessment  of  the   market  value  of  a  similar  model  and  age  terminal  on  sale;  and

(c)   the  Merchant  shall  pay  to  Fidelity  on  demand:

(i)   all  Hire  Fees  and  other  sums  due  but  unpaid  at  the  date  of  such  demand  together  with  any   other  sums  accrued  under  this  Agreement;

(ii)   in  the  event  of  the  Terminal  Services  coming  to  an  end  before  the  end  of  the  Initial  Hire  Period   or  the  relevant  Renewed  Hire  Period,  all  sums  that  would  have  been  due  to  Fidelity  had  the   Terminal  Services  continued  for  the  remainder  of  that  relevant  period;  and

(iii)   any  costs  and  expenses  incurred  by  Fidelity  in  recovering  the  Terminal  and/or  in  collecting  any   sums  due  under  this Agreement (including  any  storage,  insurance,  repair,  transport,  legal  and   remarketing  costs).

  1.   Liability  

For   the  purposes  of  Clause  9.5  of   the  Terms  and  Conditions,  Fidelity’s   total  aggregate  Liability  arising  out  of  or   in   connection  with   the  Terminal  Services  shall  be   limited   to   the  total  amount  of  the  Hire  Fees  paid  and  payable,   in   aggregate,  by  the  Merchant  to  Fidelity  under  this  Agreement  in  the  12  months  prior  to  the  date  on  which  the  claim  first   arose.



Gateway  Services  Schedule  

This   is  a  Schedule   to   the  Terms  and  Conditions  of  Fidelity  Payment  Processing  Limited.  This  Schedule  applies   to   the  Gateway   Services  as  stipulated  in  the  Order  Form  (as  amended  by  the  Parties  by  a  Change  Control  Form).

Unless  the  context  otherwise  requires,  the  definitions  used  in  the  Terms  and  Conditions  apply  to  this  Schedule.  Any  other  terms   defined  in  this  Schedule  have  that  meaning  for  this  Schedule  only.

  1.   Interpretation  

In  this  Schedule,  the  following  terms  shall  have  the  following  meanings  unless  the  context  requires  otherwise:

“Access  Period”  the   Initial   Access   Period   together   with   all   Renewed   Access   Periods;

“Access  Start  Date”  has  the  meaning  given  to  it  in  the  Order  Form;

“Account”  an  account  that  Fidelity  allocates  to  the  Merchant  in  order  to   access  and  use  the  Gateway;

“Gateway”  the   management   interface   platform   through   which   the   Merchant   is   able   to   authorise   and   allow   for   payment   of   Transactions,  as  detailed  in  the  Order  Form;

“Gateway  Fees”  the   fees   paid   and   payable   by   the  Merchant   for  use   of   the   Gateway  Services,  as  set  out  in  the  Order  Form;

“Gateway  Services”  the   services   provided   by   Fidelity   to   the   Merchant   for   the   authorisation  and  payment  of  Transactions  through  a  virtual   gateway,   together   with   the   provision   of   the   necessary   interface  platform  through  which  authorisation  and  payment   of  Transactions  takes  place;

“Initial  Access  Period”  has  the  meaning  given  to  it  in  the  Order  Form;

“Material”  material   that   the   Merchant   uploads   (or   permits   to   be   uploaded)  onto  Fidelity’s  (or  any  third  party’s)  servers  as  part   of  Fidelity’s  provision  of  the  Gateway  Services;

“Minimum  Volume”  the   minimum   number   of   Transactions   the   Merchant   is   to   process   using   the   Gateway   Services   in   any   calendar  month   during  the  Access  Period,  as  set  out  in  the  Order  Form;

“MPTV”  maximum  permitted  transaction  volume,  as  communicated  by   Fidelity  to  the  Merchant  from  time  to  time;

“Renewed  Access  Period”  has  the  meaning  given  to  it  in  the  Order  Form;

“Transaction  Fees”  the   Fees   payable   by   the   Merchant   to   Fidelity   for   each   Transaction  processed  using  the  Gateway  Services,  as  set  out   in  the  Order  Form;  and

“Users”  those   of   the   Merchant’s   employees   and   independent   contractors   who   the   Merchant   authorises   to   access   the   Gateway  Services  through  the  Gateway  under  this  Agreement.

  1.   Account  

10.1   This  Schedule  shall  apply  to  all  use  of  an  Account,  the  Gateway  and  the  Gateway  Services.

10.2   Fidelity  will  allocate  to  the  Merchant  an  Account  to  access  information  and  functionality  for  use  of  the  Gateway   Services;  in  order  for  Fidelity  to  allocate  such  access,  the  Merchant  must  provide  such  information  as  Fidelity   may  require  from  time  to  time.

10.3   Fidelity  will  allocate  to  the  Merchant  a  username  and  password  to  access  the  Account.  The  Merchant  must  keep   the  password  confidential  and  immediately   inform  Fidelity  if  any  unauthorised  third  party  becomes  aware  of   that   password   or   if   there   is   any   unauthorised   use   of   the  Gateway   or   any   breach   of   security   known   to   the   Merchant;  in  such  a  case,  the  Merchant  must  request  a  new  password  from  Fidelity.  The  Merchant  agrees  that

any  person  to  whom  the  Merchant’s  username  or  password  is  disclosed  is  authorised  to  act  as  the  Merchant’s   agent  for  the  purposes  of  using  the  Gateway.  The  Merchant  is  entirely  responsible  if  it  does  not  maintain  the   confidentiality  of  its  password.

10.4   Fidelity   recommends   that   the   Merchant   requests   a   new   password   from   Fidelity   if   the   Merchant   removes   authorisation  for  any  of  its  personnel  (or  ex-­‐personnel)  to  access  the  Gateway.   

  1.   Gateway  Services  

11.1   The  Merchant  may  access  the  Gateway  only  with  a  browser  that  is  compatible  with  the  Gateway,  including  any   security  features  that  are  part  of  the  Gateway.

11.2   In  relation  to  the  Gateway  Services:

(a)   Fidelity  hereby  grants  to  the  Merchant  a  non-­‐exclusive,  non-­‐transferable  licence  to  allow  Users  to  use

the  Gateway  Services  solely  for  the  Merchant’s  business  purposes;

(b)   the  rights  provided  under  this  Agreement  are  granted  to  the  Merchant  only,  and  shall  not  be  considered

granted  to  any  subsidiary  or  holding  company  of  the  Merchant;  and

(c)   the  Merchant  shall  not:

(i)   attempt  to  copy,  duplicate,  modify,  create  derivative  works  from  or  distribute  all  or  any  portion

of  the  Gateway  Services  except  to  the  extent  expressly  set  out  in  this  Agreement  or  as  may  be

required  by  any  applicable  law;

(ii)   attempt   to   reverse  compile,   disassemble,   reverse   engineer   or   otherwise   reduce   to   human-­‐

perceivable  form  all  or  any  part  of  the  Gateway  Services,  except  as  may  be  required  by  any

applicable  law;

(iii)   access   all   or   any   part   of   the  Gateway   Services  in   order   to  build   a  product   or   service  which

competes  with  any  part  of  the  Gateway  Services;  or

(iv)   use  the  Gateway  Services  to  provide  services  to  third  parties  other  than  Customers.

11.3   Fidelity  is  not  responsible  for  any  connections,  deliverables  or  services  that  Fidelity  is  not  expressly  stipulated  to   provide  in  this  Agreement.

11.4   Fidelity   does   not   warrant   that   the  Gateway   Services,   the  Account   and/or   the  Gateway  will   be   secure   from   unauthorised  access.  Due  to  the  nature  of  the  Internet,  this  cannot  be  guaranteed.

11.5   Fidelity  may,  at  Fidelity’s  absolute  discretion  (subject  always  to  Data  Protection  Legislation),  from  time  to  time   either  host  the  Gateway  on  Fidelity’s  own  servers  or  use  third  party  suppliers  to  do  so  in  whole  or  in  part.  The   Merchant  acknowledges  that  Fidelity  may  from  time  to  time  without  prior  notice  and  without  the  need  for  prior   agreement   provide   reasonable   additional   obligations   or   requirements   on   users   or   reasonably   restrict   users’   rights  due  to  the  requirements  of  the  third-­‐party  suppliers.

11.6   Fidelity  reserves  the  right,  at  any  time,  to  carry  out  repairs,  maintenance  or  introduce  new  facilities  and  functions   in  respect  of  all  or  any  part  of  the  Gateway  Services.

11.7   Fidelity  does  not  warrant  that  the  Gateway  Services  will  be  compatible  with  all  Material.

11.8   Fidelity  shall  be  entitled  to  suspend  the  Gateway  Services  (or  any  part  thereof)  at  any  time  with  immediate  effect:

(a)   for   operational   reasons   such   as   repair,   maintenance   or   improvement,   provided   that   Fidelity   shall

endeavour  to  give  the  Merchant  as  much  as  notice  as  is  reasonably  possible  before  doing  so  and  shall

restore  the  Gateway  Service  as  soon  as  reasonably  practicable  following  any  such  suspension;

(b)   where   Fidelity   reasonably   believes   that   the   continued   access   of   the  Gateway   Services   represents   a

threat  or  potential  threat  to  the  operation,  security  or  functionality  of  any  or  all  of  the  following  (or  any

part  thereof):

(i)   the   integrity   of   the  Gateway   Services,   including   any   software   or   hardware  with  which   it   is

provided  by  Fidelity;

(ii)   the  system  or  operation  of  any  third  party;  or

(iii)   any  aspect  of  services  provided  to  a  third  party  by  Fidelity;  and/or

(iv)   where  Fidelity  identifies  or  reasonably  suspects  any  out-­‐of-­‐character  traffic  profile  attributable

or  connected   to   the  utilisation  of   the  Gateway  Services  by   the  Merchant   (including  MPTV).

Fidelity   will   promptly   inform   the   Merchant   that   the   MPTV   is   being   exceeded,   ahead   of

suspending  the  Gateway  Services.

For  the  avoidance  of  doubt,  the  right  to  suspend  is  designed  to  protect  the  Gateway  Services  from  risks  such  as   denial  of  service  attacks,  and  Fidelity  will  take  reasonable  steps  to  maintain  the  Gateway  Services.

  1.   Merchant  obligations  

12.1   In  order  to  use  the  Gateway  Services  and  process  Transactions  through  the  Gateway,  the  Merchant  must  provide   to  the  Gateway  such  information  as  Fidelity  may  require  from  time  to  time.  The  Merchant  must  ensure  that  all   information  is  complete  and  accurate.

12.2   The  Merchant  must:

(a)   report   any   faults   or   suspected   faults   with   or   in   the   Gateway   Services   to   Fidelity   immediately   upon


(b)   be  responsible  (at  its  own  cost)  for  providing  the  telecommunications  services  and  correctly  configured

hardware  that  is  needed  to  connect  to  the  Gateway  Services;

(c)   provide  details  of  a   systems  administrator  who,  on  behalf  of   the  Merchant,  will  be   familiar  with   the

Gateway   Services   and   available   to   be  contacted  by   Fidelity   to   provide   details   of   any   change   to   the

contact  details  of  the  system  administrators;

(d)   be   responsible   for   configuration   and   management   of   access   to   the   Gateway   Services   including

configuration  of  network,  firewall,  DNS,  routers  and  any  personal  computers  as  well  as  any  integration

of  the  Gateway  Services  into  a  website  or  call  centre  application  as  required  by  the  Merchant;

(e)   allow  Fidelity  to  incorporate  information  of  the  Merchant  (including  Transaction  information)  into  the

Fidelity  databases  solely  for  the  purpose  of  providing  the  Gateway  Services;

(f)   process  the  Minimum  Volume  in  any  calendar  month  during  the  Access  Period;

(g)   not  store  Card  details  on  its  systems  whether  in  plain  text  or  encrypted  form;  where  the  Merchant,  with

the   agreement   of   the   Acquirer,   needs   to   store   card   details   on   its   systems  whether   in   plain   text   or

encrypted  form,  the  Merchant  agrees  to  notify  Fidelity  in  order  to  be  assessed  for  adherence  to  PCI:

DSS  requirements.  In  such  a  case,  the  Merchant  will  be  authorised  by  Fidelity  to  maintain  a  store  of  Card

numbers  only  provided  that  the  Merchant  is  able  to  provide  to  Fidelity  such  information  and  proof  of

certification  as  Fidelity  may  request  in  respect  of  such  requirements  in  advance  of  such  storage;

(h)   apply  adequate  security  measures   to  protect  any  information  accessible   through   the  Gateway.  Such

information  is  available  to  the  Merchant  for  the  Merchant’s  internal  purposes  only,  and  the  Merchant

must  not  copy  or  download,  or  otherwise  make  available  to  any  third  party,  any  such  information  for

any  purpose;  and

(i)   report  to  Fidelity  any  abuse  of  the  Internet  (including  spam,  hacking  and  phishing)  that  the  Merchant

considers   to  have   taken  place   through   the  use  of   the  Gateway  Services  and/or   the  Gateway  by  any

person,  and  the  Merchant  must  include  in  such  report  as  much  information  as  the  Merchant  is  able  to

provide  to  Fidelity  relating  to  the  type  of  abuse  that  the  Merchant  has  witnessed.

12.3   The  Merchant  must  not  in  any  way  use  the  Gateway,  or  submit  to  Fidelity  or  the  Gateway,  anything  which  in  any   respect:

(a)   is  in  breach  of  any  law,  statute,  regulation  or  byelaw  of  any  applicable  jurisdiction;

(b)   is  fraudulent,  criminal  or  unlawful;

(c)   is  inaccurate  or  out-­‐of-­‐date;

(d)   is  obscene,  indecent,  vulgar,  discriminatory,  offensive,  threatening,  defamatory  or  untrue;

(e)   is  in  contravention  of  any  applicable  law,  nor  allow  or  assist  any  third  party  in  doing  so;

(f)   impersonates  any  other  person  or  body  or  misrepresents  a  relationship  with  any  person  or  body;

(g)   may  infringe  or  breach  the  copy  or  Intellectual  Property  Rights  of  any  third  party;

(h)   may  be  contrary  to  Fidelity’s  interests;

(i)   is  contrary  to  any  specific  rule  or  requirement  that  Fidelity  may  stipulate  for  the  Gateway  Services;  or

(j)   involves   the   Merchant’s   use,   delivery   or   transmission   of   any   viruses,   unsolicited   communications,

Trojan   horses,   trap   doors,   cancelbots,   back   doors,   worms,   easter   eggs,   time   bombs   or   computer

programming   routines   that   are   intended   to   damage,   interfere   with,   surreptitiously   intercept   or

expropriate  any  data,  personal  information  or  system.

12.4   Access  to  the  Gateway  Services,  the  Account  and/or  the  Gateway  may  be  suspended  or  withdrawn  to  or  from   the  Merchant   or   all  Users   temporarily   or   permanently   at  any   time  without   notice.   Fidelity  may   also   impose   restrictions  on  the  length  and  manner  of  usage  of  any  part  of  the  Gateway  and/or  the  Gateway  Services  or  access   for   any   reason.   If   Fidelity   impose   restrictions   on   the  Merchant,   the  Merchant  must   not   attempt   to   use   the   Gateway  Services,  the  Account  or  the  Gateway  under  any  other  name  or  user.

12.5   Fidelity  provides  the  Merchant  with  access  to  the  Gateway  on  an  “as  is”  basis;  the  Merchant  is  responsible  for   maintaining   appropriate   records   in   connection  with   its   business   activities   relating   to   the  Gateway   Services.   Following  termination  of  the  Gateway  Services,  the  Merchant  acknowledges  that  Fidelity  will  not  retain  or  store   any   information   relating   to   the   Gateway   Services   (including   Transaction   data),   or   make   such   information   available  to  the  Merchant.

  1.   Fees  

13.1   In  consideration  of  the  provision  by  Fidelity  to  the  Merchant  of  the  Gateway  Services  and  access  to  the  Gateway,   the  Merchant  shall  pay  to  Fidelity:

(a)   the  Gateway  Fees  on  a  monthly  basis  in  advance;  and

(b)   the  Transaction  Fees  on  a  monthly  basis  in  arrears.

13.2   If  in  any  month  the  Merchant  fails  to  process  the  Minimum  Volume,  the  Merchant  shall  pay  the  Transaction  Fees   to  Fidelity  as  if  the  Minimum  Volume  had  been  achieved.

  1.   Termination  

In  the  event  that  the  Gateway  Services  are  terminated  for  any  reason,  the  Merchant  will  cease  to  have  access  to  the   Gateway  Services,  the  Account  and  the  Gateway. 

  1.   Liability  

15.1   Fidelity   shall  endeavour   to  provide   the  Gateway  Services  with  99.5%  availability.  This  availability  refers   to  an   access  point  on  Fidelity’s  hosting  provider’s  backbone  network  and  the  Gateway  Services  being  available  on  the   Internet   at   large;   it  does   not   apply   to   the   portion   of   the  circuit   that   does   not   transit   the  hosting   provider’s   backbone   network,   as   the   Merchant   is   responsible   for   its   own   Internet   access.   The   following   shall   not   be   considered  a  lack  of  availability:

(a)   scheduled   service   maintenance,   of   which   Fidelity   shall   use   its   reasonable   endeavours   to   give   the

Merchant   reasonable   notice   to   ensure   minimum   disruption   to   the   Merchant;   it   shall   be   the

responsibility   of   the  Merchant   to   act   in   accordance   with   Fidelity’s   reasonable   instructions   in   such


(b)   Merchant-­‐caused  or  third  party-­‐caused  outages  or  disruptions;  and/or

(c)   outages  or  disruptions  attributable  in  whole  or  in  part  to  Events  of  Force  Majeure.

15.2   All  measurements   of   availability   are   performed   at   five-­‐minute   intervals   and   measure   the   availability   of   an   availability  test  page  within  the  Gateway  Services  within  30  seconds.  Availability  measurement  begins  on  the   first  day  of  the  first  calendar  month  of  the  Access  Period.  Availability  measurement  shall  be  carried  out  by  Fidelity   or  its  third-­‐party  supplier,  and  is  based  on  the  monthly  average  percentage  availability,  calculated  at  the  end  of   each  calendar  month  as  the  total  actual  uptime  minutes  divided  by  total  possible  uptime  minutes  in  the  month.   Fidelity  shall  keep  and  shall  send  to  the  Merchant,  on  request,  records  of  its  availability  measurement  activities   in  respect  of  the  Gateway  Services.

15.3   In   the   event   that   Fidelity   fails   to  make   the  Gateway   Services   available   for   99.5%  of   the   time  within   a  given   calendar  month   (with   the  Fidelity   system  log  measurements  being   the  conclusive   record  of   this  availability),   Fidelity   shall   credit   the  Merchant’s  account   by   an   amount   calculated   as   the   product   of   the   total   cumulative   downtime  (expressed  as  a  percentage  of  the  total  possible  uptime  minutes   in  the  month  concerned)  and  the   total  Gateway  Fees  owed  for  that  month  (“Service  Credit”).

15.4   Fidelity  shall  not  pay  a  Service  Credit  unless  the  Merchant  requests  it  by  notifying  Fidelity  within  10  days  of  the   service-­‐affecting  event(s).  The  maximum  Service  Credit  allowable  in  a  given  month  is  limited  to  an  amount  equal   to  the  total  Gateway  Fees  owed  by  the  Merchant  for  that  month.

15.5   The  Merchant  acknowledges  and  agrees   that   the  Service  Credit   shall  act  as   the  Merchant  sole  and  exclusive   remedy  in  respect  of,  and  constitutes  a  genuine  pre-­‐estimate  of  the  loss  or  damage  that  the  Merchant  would   suffer  as  a  result  of,  the  Gateway  Services  downtime.

15.6   For  the  purposes  of  Clause  9.5  of  the  Terms  and  Conditions,  Fidelity’s  total  aggregate  Liability  arising  out  of   or  in  connection  with  the  Gateway  Services  shall  be  limited  to  the  total  amount  of  the  Gateway  Fees  paid   and  payable,  in  aggregate,  by  the  Merchant  to  Fidelity  under  this  Agreement  in  the  12  months  prior  to  the  date   on  which  the  claim  first  arose.

MID  Assistance  Services  Schedule  

This  is  a  Schedule  to  the  Terms  and  Conditions  of  Fidelity  Payment  Processing  Limited.  This  Schedule  applies  to  the  MID  Assistance   Services  as  stipulated  in  the  Order  Form  (as  amended  by  the  Parties  by  a  Change  Control  Form).

Unless  the  context  otherwise  requires,  the  definitions  used  in  the  Terms  and  Conditions  apply  to  this  Schedule.  Any  other  terms   defined  in  this  Schedule  have  that  meaning  for  this  Schedule  only.

  1.   MID  Assistance  Services  

16.1   MIDs  are  provided  and  administered  by  the  Acquirer  as  an  authorised  payments  institution.

16.2   Fidelity  will  provide  the  Services  to:

(a)   assist  the  Merchant  in  applying  for  a  MID  with  the  Acquirer;

(b)   where  required  by  the  Merchant,  submit  the  application  for  a  MID  to  the  Acquirer  on  the  Merchant’s


(c)   liaise  with  the  Acquirer  on  the  Merchant’s  behalf  in  respect  of  the  MID  application  and  the  maintenance

of  the  MID  throughout  the  Term;

(“MID  Assistance  Services”).

16.3   The  Merchant:

(a)   warrants  that  any  information  it  provides  as  part,  or  in  respect,  of  its  MID  application  shall  be  accurate

and  up-­‐to-­‐date;

(b)   acknowledges  that  Fidelity  may  rely  on  any  such  information  in  respect  of  providing  the  MID  Assistance

Services;  and

(c)   must  inform  Fidelity  immediately  on  becoming  aware  that  any  such  information  in  incorrect.

16.4   In  the  event  that  the  Acquirer  accepts  the  Merchant’s  application  for  a  MID,  the  Merchant  will  enter  into  a  direct

contractual  relationship  with  the  Acquirer,  in  respect  of  which  the  Merchant  shall  be  responsible  for  complying

with  certain  obligations  (including  in  respect  of  the  payment  of  fees  to  the  Acquirer).

16.5   A  MID  will  allow  the  Merchant  to  manage,  process  and  settle  all  Transactions,  manage  any  chargebacks,  and

access  any  other  functionality  listed  in  the  Acquirer  Terms  that  is  accessible  to  the  Merchant.

16.6   The  Acquirer  will  administer  the  MID  directly  with  the  Merchant  and  invoice  the  Merchant  directly  for  all  fees

associated  with  MID.

  1.   Fees  and  Liability  

17.1   Fidelity   provides   the  MID  Assistance   Services   as   an   ancillary   Service   to   other   Services   performed  under   this

Agreement.  No  additional  Fees  shall  be  payable  by  the  Merchant  to  Fidelity   in  respect  of  the  MID  Assistance


For  the  purposes  of  Clause  9.5  of  the  Terms  and  Conditions,  Fidelity  shall  have  no  separate  limit  on  its  Liability  in  respect  of  MID   Assistance  Services,  and  Fidelity’s  total  aggregate  Liability  arising  out  of  or  in  connection  with  the  MID  Assistance  Services   shall  be  limited  under,  and  in  accordance  with,  Clause  9.5.2.  of  the  Terms  and  Conditions

Viewing, Changing or Removing Client Data:

  • You may view all Client Data that we store about you;
  • You may correct or update your Client Data; please send an email to welcome@fidelitypayment.co.uk
  • You may withdraw your consent (partial or complete) at any time;
  • You may request that all Client Data held be removed or ported.
  • Our emails will contain an unsubscribe link, which will enable you to opt out of receiving future mailings at any time, should you choose to do so.
  • If you believe you received an email from us that is in violation of this policy, please report it to welcome@fidelitypayment.co.uk.

How We Store Client Data:

  • Your data will be stored securely in line with industry best practice at all times. The security measures in place are reviewed annually;
  • Your data will be stored only on servers in a GDPR compliant location.

Keeping your information private and secure is very important to us. Please contact us via email if you have questions about this policy: welcome@fidelitypayment.co.uk, call 0345 481 2178 or write to us at the following address:

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