E&M Case Study – Fidelity Payment

E&M Case study

David Spratt

Market Leaders

E&M are market leaders specializing primarily in the asset management of freehold and leasehold properties all over the UK on behalf of landlords. Maintaining a significantly professional and personal approach enables them to perform only the most effective of services between homeowners and their clients’ properties. With over 20 years of industry experience, E&M are renowned for building a solid reputation founded on honesty and professionalism, with dedication to the highest standards of business ethics.

Catering to What They Needed

With a large network of clients and homeowners, E&M were positive that they needed a payment solution that could be relied upon in order to keep satisfaction levels high. After a personal recommendation, E&M invited the Fidelity Payment team for a meeting where the synergies between both us and them were made clear. We were able to cater to their need for seamless integration with their multiple channels of payment.

Creating a Tailor-made Solution

The Fidelity Payment account management team were able to adhere to all areas of E&M’s criteria. Providing them with a hassle-free switch-over and significantly lower rates, we were able to transform their payment process.

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