‘I am extremely honoured’: Fidelity Payment names Karan Mehta Sales Director – Fidelity Payment

‘I am extremely honoured’: Fidelity Payment names Karan Mehta Sales Director

Today Fidelity Payment announced that in-light of recent ventures the Company’s Board of Directors has promoted Karan Mehta to Sales Director, effective 8th July 2020.  

A young dynamic leader with a keen eye for success and a proven track record in sales management. 

Back in 2017 Karan joined Fidelity Payment after 12 years in Fintech sales, 7 years of which were in the payroll industry, where he amassed considerable sales management experience. 

Companies often look for someone that is competent in both strategy as well as tactics when looking to appoint their first Head of Sales. Karan has now demonstrated, at his time at Fidelity, that he is capable in both regards and has transformed the sales department. 

Karan was instrumental in keeping our sales operations in line with our clients’ needs during the recent COVID/19 related closures. As we continue to grow our payment solutions portfolio, Karan, through our array of payment technology will be directing the resources of the company to promote, educate and engage with our UK market, and break through the rest of the EU. 

In this new role Karan will be overseeing all internal sales teams, all external sales partners, the partnership relationship teams and be responsible for all client onboarding operations.  

The CEO of Fidelity Payment Shaya Weisfeld is confident that Karan is the ideal Sales Director to advance Fidelity Payment into the next stage of growth and development. “Over the past year Karan has managed to challenge myself, his team and the rest of the company to continuously forge forward in strategy implementation and discipline towards growth,” said Mr Weisfeld. “Everyone at the company has been impressed with Karan’s ability to create a strong sales unit and is looking forward to be pushed harder by him under his new directorship.” 

“The past 3 years have been an incredible journey, the business has achieved a great deal which is no surprise due to the board of directors unwavering ambitions,” said Mr Mehta. “We have created foundations centred around the continued growth and development of the business and its employees which are the heartbeat of this organisation. The future looks incredibly bright, I am extremely fortunate to have such a great group of individuals within the sales function, who all want to develop and achieve great things together. Thank you to all that have been involved and I look forward to our continued success.” 

At Fidelity we provide card payment solutions. If you seek any more information of Fidelity Payment contact us at sales@fidelitypayment.co.uk 

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