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Things to do this Easter Weekend

For the first time in history, we have a four day weekend in lockdown.
 Here are some things you can do this weekend to keep the kids entertained.    

Arrange an Egg Hunt  

You can still organise an Easter egg hunt at home. Occupy the children with making egg-shaped clues that you can fill in and hide around the house and garden. 
Why not make a treasure map for the children to follow?

Babysit an Egg  

An excellent way of getting younger children into a routine and, at the same time, they are learning without realising it.
Hard boil an egg, get them to decorate it using paint and felt pens and choose a name. Then let them care for the egg, bring it along to mealtimes, read the egg bedtime stories and get the egg to bed before bedtime.

Get Crafty  

There are lots of craft idea around Easter. Make stained glass Easter-themed window decorations using black paper, tissue paper and glue. Wait for it to dry and display it in the window. It will cheer the neighbours at this difficult time too.  

Host a quiz night 

Get the family together for a quiz night, using FaceTime or Zoom.  The children could run it themselves and come up with the questions and play the part of the quiz master, topics could range from Disney to General Knowledge.  

Bake an Easter cake 

Get the kids making dessert for the family. Research the recipe online, write it down and then you can help them follow the instructions.

Whatever you do this Easter weekend, stays safe and healthy.

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